relief or despair

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  • zeb

    I have been building and had a large body of information on shunning, quotes with sources, documents, eg Conti case and so many others.

    This computer was being difficult and after many $$$ I have it back and most of these vital files are wiped.

    Despair as i had intended to collate and make a report for the royal Commission here in Australia about Institutional Child Abuse but a twisted relief that this crushing most difficult plan is now taken from me. I feel so badly cheated.

    The computer people mentioned so many 'corrupted files'.

    Pass the white pills please. Its a bastard when you care.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I honestly feel for you.

    After expending so much time, effort, and emotional commitment, I can only imagine what you must feel like!

    Wow - I just realised that that is how most J.W.'s feel when they discover TTATT!

    Your roller-coaster of emotions will subside if you focus on one beneficial aspect of what's happened - you can now devote more of your irreplaceable time & thinking abilities to making your life and other's, happier.

    Rest assured that other agencies will pick up the gauntlet and deal with the challenge which you so commendably wanted to face.

    Grab the silver lining and don't fret about the rest of the cloud!

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    If you want to invest a little money, there are people who can recover the information even if the HDD has been formatted.

    Corrupted files does not necessarily mean the information is lost, don't give up. The computer people you went too were obviously not so good.

  • zeb
    Thanks so much.

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