Shunning - the MAMMOTH in the room!

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Fictional scenario in which I'd love to play the lead role:

    A "stranger" approaches two young female J.W.'s (late teens, early twenties) who are patiently standing at their Witness trolley.

    Stranger - May I ask you a question about one of your beliefs?

    Girls - Certainly! (iPads at the ready!)

    Stranger - You shun certain ones in your faith - why?

    Girls - Because the Bible says blah, blah, blah! ("appropriate" verses shown as "proof".

    Stranger - So shunning such ones is definitely a command from God?

    Girls - Yes, definitely!

    Stranger - Are any of God's laws "bendable", so as not to apply to certain people?

    Girls - No, of course not!

    Stranger - Hmmm, I must've gotten the wrong information, because I heard that if JW's like yourselves were living at home, and got disfellowshipped, then they could carry on having a normal family life with their parents - eating together, conversations, going on holiday together, etc., but, if you lived across the street from your folks in your own apartment and got disfellowshipped, then your parents would never even be allowed to say 'hello' to you on the street! Thanks for confirming that God's laws are the same for everyone! Bye!

    Seed planted!!!!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Yikes! Just read Laika's post which was getting typed at the same time as my slow one-finger typing!

    Coincidence or what!

  • Vidiot

    Actually, your average JW-on-the-street would probably just deny that they shunned (i.e. fib); the official WT rep in Australia did, after all.

    These days, it's just too unpopular a practice to publicly acknowledge.

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