so back to thee days a week at the KH

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  • brandnew
    No saturday.....should used.......on field service...
  • Mephis


    The letter announcing that the tv station was going to be continued had the 'suggestion' that people start watching it together. They didn't set, I mean suggest, a day for it, but one would suspect this sort of thing will become more common.

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Out hall hasn't instituted the Saturday viewing yet. But after that last letter I wouldn't be surprised if it starts up soon.
  • CloseTheDoor
    It's only a matter of time before it becomes the norm.
  • millie210

    This is a prime example of the Org functioning as a social outlet for some.

    If you are older and this is all youre familiar with it is something to do on the weekend.

    Then there is the "good feeling" that attendees get because they think they are "pleasing" Jehovah.

    True or not, the good feeling is the part that is real to them.

  • TheListener
    I think it's too unstructured much like the bookstudies used to be. The GB will cancel it if they think it is causing too much free speech and openness.
  • berrygerry

    Then there is the "good feeling" that attendees get because they think they are "pleasing" Jehovah.

    You have summarized the whole religion in one sentence.

    "Pleasing Jehovah" = pleasing the WTS.

    Thank you Jehovah for making it easy to understand.

  • oppostate

    One one hand, around these parts, viewing the videos seems quite heavily promoted by the R&F to get together at the KH than the amount of times it has been encouraged on the broadcasts..

    On the other hand the WT has more heavily promoted the "family worship" arrangement yet that doesn't seem to motivate as much interest.

    Conclusion, it's easier and more enjoyable to go watch a "Theocratic" movie than prepare and conduct a family educational program that's often boring and conducted by the "Dad." Kids will sit down and watch a movie rather than sit through their parents attempts to conduct yet another boring meeting.

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