Public Talk Outline No. 187 (2014 special talk)

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    You read it here first:


    Note to the speaker:

    Present answers that first-time attenders can grasp. Strengthen the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses who may struggle with this question when tragedy strikes them personally


    Victims of accidents, crime, war, terrorism, and disasters, often ask, “Why?” ( g 11/06 3-9)

    Have you wondered why a loving God would permit evil things to occur?

    Even faithful servants of God pondered that question [Read Habakkuk 1:3]

    Some people conclude that God does not care about humans

    The Bible reveals that God hates suffering and injustice (Jg 2:18; Pr 6:16-19)

    Jehovah felt hurt at heart because of all the badness in Noah’s day, and his hatred of wickedness has not changed (Ge 6:5, 6)

    Be assured that God is never the source of wickedness (Job 34:10; Jas 1:13)


    So why does a loving, just, and all powerful God permit the evil of Satan’s world? ( w02 10/1 5-6)

    A common misconception is that God directly controls every situation

    However, Jesus identified Satan the Devil as “the ruler of the world,” the one responsible for wickedness (Joh 14:30; 1Jo 5:19)

    Satan, “the father of the lie,” has seduced wicked angels and humans to join him in rebelling against God (Joh 8:44; Jude 6)

    Jehovah has permitted evil to exist for the past 6,000 years in order to settle the issues raised by Satan once and for all time (Ge 3:1-6)

    Satan questioned Jehovah’s right to rule ( bh 109-110 pars. 10-11)

    Has independence from God brought true freedom and lasting happiness? No!

    Human rule has resulted in war, oppression, suffering, and death (Ec 8:9; Ro 8:22; w13 9/1 3-5)

    Jehovah well knows the pains we suffer and promises to bring relief (Ex 3:7; 2Co 1:3, 4)

    Jehovah assured Habakkuk that He had set an “appointed time” to eliminate injustice and oppression (Hab 2:3-5)

    Jesus has already begun to “break up the works of the Devil” (1Jo 3:8)

    How comforting to know that all suffering will soon end! (Ps 37:9-11; 72:12-14; w13 9/1 6-7)

    The patience of our loving God means salvation for “the meek” (Ps 149:4; Jer 29:11, 12; 2Pe 3:9)


    If you have sincerely cried out to God asking why, then listen to him by taking to heart his message of comfort and hope [Read Revelation 21:4; 22:1, 2]

    Any damage experienced in this system of things will be reversed [Read Isaiah 65:17]

    In the meantime, hope in Jehovah and imitate the patient attitude of faithful ones, past and present (Hab 3:16-18; Heb 6:9-12)

    As you continue to support God’s sovereignty, you will soon experience “the real life” free of all wickedness (1Ti 6:19)

    [Adhere closely to the outlined material, and observe the indicated timing of each section. Not all cited texts need to be read or commented on.

    See Ministry School, pp. 52-55, 166-169]

    No. 187-E 7/13 TO BE COVERED

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Awesome... Thanks!!!

  • pixel

    Yeap. See if they change certain things from here to next year...

  • KiddingMe


  • jws

    LOL! This is similar to what sparked my last go-round with JWs. They came to the door with an article of "Is god cruel"?

    And of course the god described by the bible is in so many ways. God tolerate wickeness to prove a point? He's not only been wicked himself, he's meddling in the outcome. If he really wanted to let things set to prove who's best, why meddle? Why send Jesus and other prophets?

    I wish there were a way to know when my local congregation had this talk. I'd have a few questions for the speaker.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Still doesn't make sense...God loved the world so much they He gave his only son but he didn't love the world that much to forgo a dick measuring competition with an angel that means pain, anguish, suffering and death for everyone on the planet...

    Tell the person in Syria who is getting raped and tortured that it is ok as sometime in the future God will sort it all out...they won't give a flying fcuk...

  • Emery

    Bugh, the circular reasoning and cherry picking of scripture is the worst. OT God is a murdering narcissistic a-hole. NT Yahweh, pretty cool dude, except he's flaky and continues to leave his people waiting for some 2,000 years now.

  • NVR2L8


  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Isn't this the same shit they have been saying for decades? What is new and exciting here to be included in a "special talk"?

  • WTWizard

    Has independence from God brought true freedom or lasting happiness? Has it been given a fair chance? Or, could it be that every time Satan was about to succeed in doing so, joke-hova always stepped in and created a mess so that thing would now offer to clean it up while blaming Satan for creating the mess? Seems every time Satan is about to succeed, god always ruins it.

    And to enslave the human race. What joke-hova really planned was to do just that. By removing all traces of rebellion, that thing would make us all ripe to be enslaved. People that do not rebel will not offer resistance when herded into compounds, or when their masters abuse them. They do not complain when they are pulled off from Africa to be sold as slaves, while the white people are blamed (actually, it was the Jews, Christians, and Muslims that did the dirty work and financed it--Rothschilds, anyone?). They also do not complain when Africa, Asia, and Latin America see their culture infested with Judeo-Christian and/or Muslim forces. Such trash native culture, destroying it and corrupting the countries. This is why Africa is in such bad shape to this day--Nigeria is half Christian and half Muslim. Given its native culture, Nigeria would have remained a fine country where Blacks would have had their culture, pure and undisturbed. But no, the Christians and Muslims pillaged this. All to enslave the human race.

    And in the name of joke-hova, jesus, or allah. But, they are quick to blame Satan who is actually against this kind of messing up the human race and spreading these lies through the world. Satan is also against groups of scumbags that pull Negroes out of Africa to be sold as slaves (and blame White people), while trashing Africa so the Negroes would not wish to return to that continent, with a pure Black culture. Satan wanted the Blacks left alone to develop their own culture, not yanked out by some xian scumbags to be sold as slaves.

    And the jokehovian witlesses are no better. They don't yank Africans out of Africa to enslave them--they just send people into Africa so those sent in can be enslaved. This also effectively enslaves Africans without their having to leave Africa, and without having to go to the Rothschilds to finance expeditions to other lands. Of course, they are forced to work in corrupted lands. All the while, they blame Satan for the corrupted conditions created by Christi-SCAM-ity.

  • Laika

    This is the first public talk outline on suffering isn't it? I remember looking at the list of talks when I was being considered to do them and noting it's absence as it was the subject I wanted to cover.


  • frankiespeakin

    How in the world can they call this a "special" talk. Sounds like these guys on the Governing Body have trouble getting their Writting Staff to carry their work load if that is all they can come up with? I wonder how many man hours went into preparing this little missive? I think their is some serious morale problems in the writting department. I see corporation self sabotage in the works.

    Seems like they are all loosing faith in the Governing Body at headquarter's. You can only write just so much bullshit for these New Boy GBs till you have a nervous breakdown, and being in constant communication they can't hide their personality flaws and selfserving natures. And I think it shows in this "special talk" that trouble is a brewing over there at Spiritual Paradise Central/headquarter's.

  • sir82

    Oh it's every bit as special as the special campaigns, special assembly days, special editions of the magazines, special guest Bethel speakers, and special privileges.

    Special special special!

    Bethel is full of special people doing special things in special ways, especially specializing in the specialness of speciality.

    It's a special spiritual paradise!

  • jgnat

    Hubby likes to say that the WTS has the answer to suffering and nobody else does....They sure CAUSE a lot with the shunning and the no-blood policies.

  • frankiespeakin

    I bet the talk will turn out to be a real snooze fest, What about spicing it up with something about how it is the 100year marker from the famous important date of 1914, and how very very close is armageddon. But no just a snooze fest about some future utopia after a jealous Deity kills all those who don't worship him in the corprationally inspired way.

    I really feel the average Jehovah's Witness will be getting a sick depressing feeling over this malarkey but will give the party line of it was such a good talk and congradulate the speaker with a loud appause at it conclusion just like a mindless robot simulates human traits.

  • straightshooter

    Of what I have noticed in the past, that these special talks do not bring in any new ones. The Memorial talk though is different.

  • RayPublisher

    A PDF of the original would be cool. Thanks Pixel.

  • pixel

    Thanks Ray. I don't know how to upload it, but I'm certain Atlantis will do it.

  • Skbj

    So much for giving solid spiritual food at the right time. This is regurgitated material. Nothing special about this talk, what was that red book with all the pretty pictures called "Live forever ..something..something" that was used in the ministry for bible studies? I still remember one of the 1st chapters covering this subject.

  • pixel

    This is JW's indoctrination 101. Lol.

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