Gentile times?

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  • sleepy

    If the Gentile times are such an important part of Gods plan in the bible and for mankind they why don't we find these things in the bible?
    1.Doesn't give date for fall of Jerusalem.(so how the crap are we suppossed to know when it starts)
    2.Not mentioned once by Christian writers of new testament.(if it was such a central part of christian teching why isn't it plastered all over the new testament?)

    Maybe its because ,theres no such prophecy.
    Takes a few seconds to work out, for a normal person.
    For the GB it takes over 120 years , and they still havent got there.

  • cellomould

    Good thoughts sleepy...
    ...I guess you must be too thinky to sleep, rather than the converse, huh?


    "Without judgement, perception would increase a million times" Death, Without Judgement

  • iggy_the_fish

    Perversely, I'm very glad they persist with the "Appointed Times of the Nations"(TM) gibberish. If I ever begin to have doubts that I've made the wrong decision (staying out), I remember the Gentile Times stuff and feel a whole lot better.

    Iggy the fish.

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  • Carmel

    Iggy, are you an ichtheologist?

    That's not someone who studies cults!


  • iggy_the_fish

    lol Nope, crystal grower.


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