Happy Mothers Day!!!

by Perry 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • Perry

    Cheers to all you hard working Moms!

    You are amazing.

  • ToesUp

    Thank you Perry!

    Two GREAT kids. BEST decision we ever made!

  • stillin
    Thanks, Perry! It's tough, but I do my best!
  • cappytan

    Perry: Where'd y'all go this year?

    We went to the meeting. lol

  • zeb
    I sent hmd greetings to our lovely daughter and daughter in law. One has kids the other is expecting!
  • Perry
    Perry: Where'd y'all go this year?

    I went to Costco like a good husband and bought some flowers and earrings I saw my wife recently eyeing. Matching pendant was a bit too steep, but its on the radar for next occasion.

    Went to church and heard a message on the biblical command to honor your mother and your father. It's right there in one of the 10 commandments. Can you imagine the Watchtower saying something like,

    "Well the old law covenant has been done away with. Now, we we show our obedience by honoring the faithful and discreet slave. We do not engage in worldly holidays that single out individuals for honor."

    In the country in Mississippi, when I was a kid, I watched my Grandfather feed poison to a bunch of dogs that had gotten too populated. They lapped it up like there was no tomorrow, growling and fighting each other to get their share.

    That's the image that is stuck in my head when I think back on my years as a JW.

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