The Organization's Imaginary Nature

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  • metatron

    As time goes on, the organization becomes more and more

    The WTS continues bragging about themselves being a spiritual
    paradise - despite evidence of pedophila, Witness divorce,
    family breakdown and massive loss of young people.

    The statistics they use have a large imaginary component
    as well. Baptisms are reported - but the number reported includes
    large numbers of Witness kids getting dunked to please their
    parents until they can leave home. Hours reported? get serious!

    Numbers of publishers may go up slightly while numbers of pioneers
    and elders decline in various places - reason? It's easy to
    write down a couple of hours on a slip but hard to continue
    faking hours as a pioneer or wasting your evenings as an elder.

    The imaginary zeal shows up again as zealous appearing brothers
    with skills don't volunteer for Bethel.

    More of the dreamy world of Witness illusion appears in greatly
    reduced contributions - in effect, voting with their wallets, while
    defending the organization with their last breath. Go figure.

    More illusion? Watch any Watchtower study and listen.
    You'll hear:
    The brother who praises singleness - with his 3 kids sitting with him.
    The sister who condemns gossip - who knows everyone's business
    The elder who emphasizes paying attention - who naps behind his
    tinted eyeglasses.
    and so on.

    The life saving ministry? Empty homes, magazine sales and coffee
    breaks. More illusion.

    And remember folks, years of reading the Awake is equivalent
    to a college education.

    No wonder these folks get depressed - reality becomes a pest
    that won't leave them alone. It all makes you wonder how they
    escape outright psychosis.

    It's like some goofy Monty Python sketch where an entire
    apartment building's existence is maintained only by the hypnosis
    of its tenants.

    You're right d mouse, the organization won't collapse.
    I'm not sure they'd notice even if it did.
    They certainly don't catch on to what the loss of subscriptions
    means ( how many religions can't afford to mail their official

    How can you bulldoze a castle made of sand
    that only exists in Witless imagination?


  • dmouse
    How can you bulldoze a castle made of sand
    that only exists in Witless imagination?

    Well said.

    Are we then fighting phantoms? Maybe.

    In any case we can have victory, we can destroy the power of the WBTS, if only in our own minds and the minds of those who listen to us.

  • Reborn2002

    I always enjoy your posts metatron.

    You speak the truth even when many do not want to hear it.

    Your forthrightness is very much appreciated, and in your posts you undoubtedly speak from experience living as a JW.

    You expose the JW lifestyle for what it truly is... an illusion of grandeur.

    This prophet was not one man, but was a body of men and women. Today they are known as Jehovah's Christian witnesses.4/1/1972,p.197
    Jehovah's Witness are not infallible or inspired prophets.5/15/1976,p.297

  • Amazing

    Good points Metatron: Yes, it is a fantasy religion, like a sand castle ... and when reality catches up to the fantasy for a JW, then they can begin to see their way out, and start living again. Thanks. -

  • Marilyn

    Metatron, I think they are terribly unhappy for the most part. Maybe the newbies are happy for a while before the boredom sets in, but you are very right about many aspects of Tower life.

    How do they avoid psychosis? One of my brothers drinks a lot. He's an elder but he's cunning. He and his wife intimidate the 'brothers & sisters' with a smarmy act and they are both very quick witted. Besides they do all the other stuff that is required and when they aren't dubbing they anesthetise themselves with booze (a lot of it by all accounts). My sister cries a lot and enjoys ill health for some meeting relief and my older brother? Not sure what he does. I think he's a bit slow. He's still trying to live up to it all. Poor sod.


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