To Lotus - I have a heavenly hope

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  • Dawn

    Lotus - thanks for your post. I know you'll get a lot of food throwing from us "not so patient" ex-jw's, but I'm sure your intentions are sincere.

    I'm posting my response to your comments on being annointed here as I noticed that you are new and would probably see it here first. However, may I suggest that if you would like to continue a discussion on these topics with me, let's move it to the "Beliefs & Doctrines" form as it's probably more appropriate.

    That being said - You are not one of the "elect few" with a heavenly hope, but one of many. Please re-read Revelation Chatper 7 (not just a verse or two, the entire chapter - Rev. 1:3 "Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy...").

    You'll notice, that yes 144,000 are in heaven, but read on in verse 9 - where is the "Great Crowd"? Before the throne of God. Where is the Throne of God? in Heaven! In fact, if you re-read the entire book of Revelation, you will see that both the 144,000 and the great crowd are all in heaven until after Armageddon.

    Jesus said "I am the way" - it is through Jesus and Jesus alone that we are saved. I am a born again chrisitian now, and based on the bible I believe in a heavenly hope.

  • Xenu

    Blessed is everyone who has gained the approval of the Elohim

  • Carmel

    Is there an Eloher?

  • sf

    Game over:

    Let it be a lesson darlin'.

    sKally, search, seek and destroy klass:

    If man was supposedly created in gods image, then.....holy krap...we're all doomed.-sKallyWagger

    “What a blessing such integrity keepers are to the congregation!”(5/15/02 WT magazine, pg. 27)

  • Dawn

    Man oooooooo peeeties!!! I've been duped .

    Wish I wasn't so gullable!!

  • Francois

    I'm goin' to heaven. And that ain't no joke.


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