To the Canadians

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  • Robdar

    I want to send my heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Canadians for what happened in Afghanistan this week.

    It breaks my heart that the actions of this nation have affected your good country in such a horrible way. Please know that there are many of us in United States who are appalled and dismayed over the "friendly fire" accident. We grieve with you and pray that you will forgive us.


  • belbab


    Thanks for your thoughtfulness,

    Now it would be nice if President Bush could publicly express some compassion instead of brushing reporters questions off abruptly.

    Also I see the N York times makes no mention of it.

    There is growing sentiment here, to bring our troops home, especially after the raw deal Canada got on the twenty nine percent tariff the Canadians got on softwood lumber exports to U S.

    belbab, not usually so nationalistic.

  • Francois

    Concur. I'm sorry. War is hell.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Robdar, thank you for the condolences.
    Those soldiers were stationed out of the base in the city where I live, so it comes closer to home than I would have expected.
    Yes, war is hell, you are so right, Francois, and I will be watching carefuly for the American response.

  • peaceloveharmony

    i also want to extend my sympathies.

    war sucks

  • SPAZnik

    Thx 4 the thoughts Robdar...
    ...a friend of mine knew one of the soldiers that was killed.
    tuff times all around.


  • Waygooder64

    I have to echo a previous post and agree it would have been nice if Bush would have said SOMETHING.We were the 1st country to send help when the Twin Towers were attacked and the 1st country to organize a rally to show our support to the people of New York and the rest of the States,but many of my fellow Canadians will remember the blatant omission of thanks to us by George Dubya in one of his 1st addresses after the help started pouring in.It seems every other 3rd world country was mentioned except us.

  • Satanus

    Thanks. A brave gesture from a brave person.


  • Pathofthorns

    Thank you for the condolences. What happened was extremely disturbing, but more so the lack of any sort of real sympathy or apology from the President. To brush off reporters like he had somewhere better to go instead of addressing what happened in a sensitive way is disgusting.

    I think Canada is increasingly feeling like a second class neighbour that is powerless to get treated with the respect they deserve. Any sanctions we could impose only end up hurting Canada more than the US because we rely on them for our exports more than they do for us.

    Unlike Clinton, Bush is not a man that reaches out to others and seeks to make stronger friendships in the world. He has polarized the world into "friends of america" and "enemies of america" and in doing so he is creating more anti-american sentiment and making the world a more dangerous place.


  • think41self

    My sympathies also...such a senseless tragedy.

    Who the hell knows what Bush is thinking? Not even his advisors, I'm sure. If I had to guess why he didn't say would be that they finally drummed into him not to open his mouth without a preapproved script.

    P.S. Rest assured dear Canadians, the rest of us are not brushing it aside, and we are so sad for the loss.


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