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    Must have a sense of humor when you live my crazy life. So I moved from one state to ànother and they require you to connect the dots of the last name. Last name on birth certificate must match last name on marriage license. I never did anything in my life that required my birth certificate -- no travel nothing. So I was trying to get this document, filled out the required form, emailed inquiries hey I need this, lots of phone messages -- my daughter and I are sorta like driving around this state and are vehicles are not registered properly, I cannot get a valid driver's license. Finally, I am driving the car my daughter is with me, I am 62yr 10 mo 13 days (never forget this day) the clerk of the court calls. OH, you are driving your car I will call back, NO. She repeats that again I say NO, please I need this birth certificate we are so illegally driving around this state. She proceeds, is it possible that you were adopted. Well anything is possible since my mother is a pathologicall liar. Long story short the only name that matched her first & middle, my first & middle. For her last name she went back a generation. For my last name she used her maiden name. For father's name she put down my grandfather.

    When we questioned her don't know anything about it. I think he was a cop. She is a sever Alz patient.

    So I ordered a DNA through Ancestry dot Com it sat on my dresser for 6 months because -- what if -- this guy was not faithful to his wife and his kids are about to find out they have a half sister they knew nothing about. I HATE hurting people.

    Turning point to send in the DNA, I love Josh Groban, You Lift Me Up. He was on the show tracing his ancestry. The next day I sent mine in.

    SENSE OF HUMOR -- got the results this past week, LOL. My father was 60 and a widow when I was born. His wife died the same year my mother was born. There was a 35 year age difference. If any of my 5 siblings are still alive they will all be well into their 90s. So all those months I worried about what? LOL. Just rolling my eyes. Just so glad my mother is in another state far away.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Glad you got a resolution for your problem!

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