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  • VeniceIT

    I just started reading a book called "A Clear Path to Healing", by Dr. Barry S. Weinburg. The back cover states:

    " A Clear Path To Healing is a blueprint for anyone who wants to reach their optimum health potential. Whether you are a person suffering from chronic illness, an athlete looking to reach peak performance or a health processional searching for a better way, Dr. Weinburg provides the philosophy, science and practical tools to experience health and healing on all levels--Body, Mind and Spirit. This book belongs on teh bookshelf of everyone in America."

    I haven't gotten very far yet at all but it's very interesting, about disease and the health care system.

    I'm sure I'll tell you all more about it when I get past Chapter 2 hahaha. But there's this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that I wanted to share.

    I think in some ways it applies to ALL of us here, we've all been Successful.


    To laugh often and much
    To win the respect of people and the affection of children
    To earn the appreication of honest critics
    and endure the betrayal of false friends.
    To appricieate beauty.
    To find the best in others.
    To have the world a little bit better
    whether by garden patch, a healthy child,
    or a redeemed social condition.
    To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
    This is to have succeeded

    ---Ralph Waldo Emmerson

    Ms. Venice
  • FreePeace

    Thanks Ven, I'm going to put that quote in my next newsletter!


    "The World is my country, and to do good, my religion." --Thomas Paine
    Who Am I? -How to Reinvent Yourself After Leaving the WTS

  • VeniceIT

    chapter one starts out with this question 'What do you really want?"

    What do you REALLY want?

    To have pain go away? Do you want relief or healing for your ailment, disease or condition? Perhaps, you seek help to handle areas of stress or feel better emotionally? Would you like more energy, increased performance and efficiency in certain tasks or activities?

    You may answer yes to one or more of these questions, but is that what you REALLY want? Do you really want the pain, Disease or problem cure, or is it deeper then that? What is it about your pain--your condition or ailment that makes you want it to go away? What do you lack or what have you lost that makes you seek assistance to find or regain it?

    On the surface you may want these things, but I have found in speaking with thousands of people that what you really want may be something much deeper and much more profound. What most of us really want is a more joyful, peaceful, love-filled and freer experience of life, and a fuller expression of who we are and the unique gifts we have to off the world"

    Can't wait to get to Chapter 2 hahhaha


  • Gopher

    I do love that quote from R.W. Emerson, about success!

    Can one book really contain "THE clear path" to healing? Is it a bit of overkill when the back cover says "this book belongs on the bookshelf of everyone in America"?

    I hope the book makes valuable contributions (without overselling itself) to the discussion of the subject of health care (and what we can do about it).


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  • VeniceIT

    Ya well that cover thing was written by a diff. person. I've only read one chapter but I like the book. I'll keep you all posted!!!


  • SixofNine

    Some guy named Tally checked that book out from my library, and never returned it.

    btw, was this the aspect about "all of us" you were refering to:

    "...a redeemed social condition."?

    euphamistically, Six

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