More Doom n' Gloom Baloney

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  • metatron

    An interesting article by Ben Wattenberg appeared in the March 4
    2002 Wall Street Journal entitled "'Overpopulation' Turns Out
    to Be Overhyped".(editorial page)

    It seems that the doom n' gloom predictions of a grossly
    overpopulated world are failing because birth rates are dropping
    rapidly. Even the U.N. admits that world population size may actually
    be slowly reduced in coming years.
    Some quotes:

    "Never have birth and fertility rates fallen so far, so low,
    for so long. Europe has now seen 45 consecutive years of fertility
    decline.... The phenomenon is also proceeding in the less
    developed world, where fertility levels are higher but rates are
    falling faster than ever seen previously in the developed

    What, no 'Club of Rome' depletion of everything? No standing
    room only??

    I'm sure that 120 years of failed expectations won't impede
    the Awake's never ending quest for pessimism and impending
    disaster. If you seek to be afraid, you'll never lack
    for shadows lurking behind every corner.


  • mustang

    I am reminded of the scripture at Jer. 10:23 -
    "I know, O LORD, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps."

    ALL those who would seek to direct us will find some pitfall. It is simply up to mankind to work their way out of this one, as usual.

    But, Metatron, WTS can yet turn the tables and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: we will suffer some (yet to be defined) mortal dangers of UNDERPOPULATION, no doubt!!!!


    All that I write or utter is considered to be protected by religious freedom under the Constitution of the United States, as the "free exercise" and "freedom of speech" clauses.

  • sf



    United Nations: Harmony Day

    Earlier this year my school held a whole school assembly on ?Harmony Day? 2002. Th
    e whole idea was to hold a meeting where representatives of different races and religion would discuss to the students the meaning of ?peace?. As I waked in I felt that something had to be wrong. As the meeting commenced it all fell into place. One of the organisers, a school teachers, said that Harmony Day was founded by the United Nations.

    The hours that followed were discussions of false religions and creating a better world for us to live in. That world appears to be the New Order, which the United Nations are so intent on initiating. As the assembly began the school band played John Lennon?s Imagine. It was at that moment I knew I was living in a world of gears and cogs. A system of people who I thought could never wake up because their ignorance was blinding them from the truth.
    Harmony Day: A call for a better world of ?peace? for us to live in And the lyrics go-

    No hell below us,
    Above us only sky,
    Imagine all the people...

    You may say I?m a dreamer,
    but I?m not the only one,
    some day you may join us,
    and the world can live as one.

    A song which talks about a world living as one, no possessions, no God. If this the world you want to live in? The hundreds of people in that room wanted to live in that world and they didn?t even know what it meant. As the gathering proceeded, a number of guest speakers arrived to talk about their view of religion and peace. There was a Buddhist, an Islamic representative, and a Jewish Rabbi, yet there was no Christian guest. I thought that it was odd that leaders from all these different new age, exotic religions were chosen yet there was nobody from a Christian religion to voice their views. There should be reason to be a little questionable towards the authority who remove the oaths and prayers from places like schools but then rave about safeguarding religions which are New Age or ancient, which therefor obtains old superstitions. The whole picture of the United Nations having a one world religion became a hwole lot clearer on Harmony Day.

    Later I did some research on New World Order, one world religions, United Nations etc...

    I found a book at the local library called "Armageddon and the New World Order" by Keith Suter. His ideas of NWO were a little bit off mine. Keith was positive about the idea of a New World Order and was sure that it would help the current state of global affairs, the wars and so on. To him a Christian religion would be implemented as the global religion, but what kind of corrupt, globalist beliefs it would be structured on, I do not know. It certainly wouldn't be the kind of Christian religion I would want to follow anyway. Suter went on to quote pro-NWO Christian authors who spoke of how Jesus Christ would bring the world in a special kind of unity that would accept all under his illuminating power. That was something which concerned me, using the word 'illuminating'. Normally it would not bother me but when the writing is concerned with global religion, NWO etc, of course you have a right to be questioning.

    I read a little more. As it turns out, the author Mr Keith Suter was once the Australian representative of the United Nations and help respected positions in many different world peace groups. But what concerned me even more was that Suter was a member of the occult, masonic Club of Rome. He is one of four Australian members of the exclusive 'mens club' which has a total of 100 members world wide. The Club of Rome is extremely exclusive, it has had many VIP members like politicians and ex-US presidents.

    After reading this I hope you know who the true enemy is...

    This was written by a student in Australia who was a witness to the Harmony Day ceremony at the local secondary college.

    If man was supposedly created in gods image, then.....holy krap...we're all doomed.-sKallyWagger

    “What a blessing such integrity keepers are to the congregation!”(5/15/02 WT magazine, pg. 27)

  • Elsewhere

    This makes me think about the possible Human/Machine conflict that Sci-Fi predicts.

    I hear people predicting a war between humans and machines... but if this population trend continues the human population will decline while the machine/automation population increases.

    Think about it... machines are already replacing humans in the area of manual labor. It is just a matter of time before we are doing nothing but intellectual work and the machines are doing the labor.

    Since intellectual workers typically have fewer kids the human/machine population will settle into a balance. Later when the machines surpass our intelligence, the human population will just dwindle to nothing - or we will be kept at pets . "Fate, it would seem, is not without a since of irony." - Morpheus, The Matrix

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
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  • ThiChi

    Hey, add a little “doom and Gloom” with some junk science and you got a lot of freaks out there trying to run your and my life. Its all about power.

    How about the UN wanting a Tax on nations? They already have their “World Court” in place to nab any who break the Word laws, what ever that is. Can you see being dragged out of your bed by the UN police, because you did not pay your tax? Or, you broke some law?

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