I f only they had been Jws

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  • badboy

    If only Hitler the product of an incestious marriage(Father/mother were uncle/niece)had become a JW,there would have been no WW11 and no Palestian crisis!

    If Stalin who once had a son by a underage liasison(sp)had become a JW, the Soviet union would had taken a different course.

    Who else is there?

    I got this idea of this post from a Jiffy advert I saw in a programme some time ago

  • blindfool

    This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of the witnesses I stuided with several years ago.
    I asked her, who would have stopped Hitler if everyone believed as witnesses believe. Her answer was that if everyone believed then Hitler wouldn't have been evil.
    Well, I guess that makes sense until you realize that if all the good people are neutral, then there would be no one to stop evil people.

  • AjaxMan

    If they had been JWs, the world will have same old problems.
    WWII may or may not happen as Hitler is not the only one who promoted fascism (See Mussolini in Italy).
    If it is not Stalin in Russia, then it could have been some other nutso.

  • TexSham

    If only sadam would become a jw, we wouldn't have to war all over his ass.

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