Prayer request For some Friends Of Mine

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  • TheRecordCollector

    Some friends of mine are having a very difficult time.
    There names are Glen & Judy.

    Judy has cancer, their teenage daughter commited suicide 6 months ago, and Glen (a fellow record collector), got busted by the FBI for having "bootleg" recordings (unreleased concert recordings, etc), and was fined $1000 per recording.

    They could really use prayer.

    Doug (TRC)

    "Unconditional Love Is The Most Precious Of All Gifts"..........
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  • LizardSnot

    Sorry to hear about all the trouble your friends are going through.
    I will keep them in my prayers

  • somebody

    They'll be in my prayers, TRC


  • Solace

    Those poor people.
    I cant imagine losing a child.
    My prayers are with them.

  • elbobbo
    Glen (a fellow record collector), got busted by the FBI for having "bootleg" recordings (unreleased concert recordings, etc), and was fined $1000 per recording.

    Not trying to take away from the severity of the situation but unless things have changed in the past 3 or 4 years you don't get busted for having bootleg recordings. Its legal to own them and trade them as long as you don't try to make any money from them. Granted, sending blank tapes in exchange for the recordings can be counted as profitting from the deal but you still have to do a pretty good volume. Even then from what I can remember the feds only go after people who are pretty big in it because they just don't have the resources to go after the small guys in that area. Me thinks there's more going on than your friend is letting on.
    BTW, my part time job in college was dealing bootleg concert tapes over the internet. I'd make a profit by going to concerts. The guy who I worked with actually had managed to get every Pearl Jam show on tape along with many of their soundchecks. It didn't hurt that he paid one of their long time roadies pretty well for it. Even after all of that we still weren't big or important enough to attract the attention of the FBI.

  • LyinEyes

    I honestly do not know if my prayers are being heard, but none the less , I shall pray for your dear friends. My mother commited suicide so I know what that does to a family and how you are effected for the rest of your life. I cant image one of my children doing that, but my aunt , mother's sister, has been thru it. Her son, my cousin John shot himself a year ago. She is just making it day to day. Please send our thoughts to that family and I am sure you will be a great support , they are really going to need you.

  • myself

    RC (Doug)

    so sorry to hear what your friends are going thru. I hope things start looking up for them soon. My prayers are with them.

  • bigfloppydog

    My prayers if they are being heard, are with your friends, what a tragic thing to happen. I can well imagine this also has deeply affected you as well, just to let you know you are in my thoughts. Take care.

  • butalbee

    Doug--my heart goes out to you and your friends at this terrible time in their life. I don't know what to say, that could make ya feel any better. I wish I did, but I don''t. I have a beautiful little girl,she is my 8 yr old cousin, whom I would give my life for, that is dying of leukemia, and this is a very emotional time for me as well. I will pray for your friends.

    With Love,

  • TheRecordCollector


    Yeah I know....I don't know how they pulled that off either.
    I've got several "boots" myself.

    I've recorded several concerts personally.
    I have to admit, there has to be something else going on.

    Maybe he was trying to profit from them . I don't know.

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