Members in Scotland?

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  • franticfran

    Are there any female members in Scotland out there? I have had messages from a couple of Scottish members,and they were lovley and kind too, but would realy like to meet a lady member. I have a lovely girl from America who facebooks me daily and she has become a great friend and a source of much comfort for me and she tells me she meets up with a female forum member who lives near to her home and has coffee with her and I would love to be able to do that. Is it only male members here in Scotland that have the courage to walk away? or is there realy a "lady who lunches" out there who would meet me for coffee. I would normaly feel such a prat writing all this but this forum has given me extraordinary courage to do things I would never have done in those dark old days. Coffee anybody???

  • 88JM

    Hi Franticfran - I've not seen any other female members myself from Scotland - as you say, there are few guys around from here.

  • franticfran

    Bless you 88JM I know!! I am begining to feel like the "lone stranger" but I will persevere,lovely as all you gentlemen are a girl needs a girl to lunch with Dont know why Im whinging I never had one when I was in the congregation and if it ever happened I had to watch every word I said!!

  • bigmac
  • Glander

    Here in Oregon we have a small town nearby called Boring. They have hooked up in a sister city relationship with the village of Dull, Scotland.

    The Governor has declared today, August 9th, Boring-Dull Friday. True story on the cover of the WSJ today.

    Today, August 9, marks the first annual Boring & Dull Day, a new state holiday organized by the Oregon town of Boring and the Scottish village of Dull. The duo — dubbed a “Pair for the Ages” in a law signed earlier this year by Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber — are banking on their unusual names and media attention to draw tourists and help boost the local economies, the Oregonian reports.

    In an attempt to live up to its motto of being “the most exciting place to live,” Boring — southeast of Portland with a population of 12,851 — is celebrating the day with an ice cream social, a performance by a local barbershop quartet, a flag salute featuring the Oregon National Guard, and even a bagpiper and drummer to honor the residents of Dull, which had a population of 84 in October 2012. A sign in Dull commemorates the “twinning” of the two towns, “Welcome to Dull, Paired with Boring, Oregon, USA: Drive Safely.”

    Read more:

  • yellow

    you have a pm

  • scotinsw

    I'm Scottish and female but live down south now

  • besty

    London Scottish male :-)

    pm me if you want some scottish ideas on who to contact...

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    Sorry, I'm a Scottish male, now there's a line I didn't think I'd ever write! LOL

  • franticfran

    Oh you lovely people you do make me smile Thank you for all your comments,you all actually make me feel "normal" again!!! yellow, I have messaged you You know what people? I think I am gonna make it now, I realy do

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