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  • rodnico

    Everyone who lives in the Atlanta Georgia area we are thinking about starting a support group. I have been searching for one, and have not been able to find anything in this area. Obed and I talked about starting one. So we have set a date of May 11th 3pm. The first group meeting will be at my house I live in Downtown Atlanta Castleberry Hill. This weekend falls in between music midtown and the loft tour.

    Please email me if you would be interested in coming and I will give you directions to my loft. I think it is important to note that this will not be any kind of pro-religious support group. I am an atheist and don't appreciate being preached to. This group is for us to share our experiences and maybe work through some of the mind control issues we deal with on a daily basis as a group. I respect anyone who has decided to join another church, but that will not be the focus of our discussions.

    Nicole Rodriquez
    [email protected]

  • waiting

    "loft?" Good lord, when my son lived in Atlanta, he was fortunate to have an apartment!

    I'm near Columbia, SC - so don't know if I could swing it - but it sounds really great!

    I respect anyone who has decided to join another church,
    Met a born-again Methodist (contradiction in terms?) last week - that woman was all over with her "finding Christ." I backed away from her the way unsuspecting worldly people do to jw's. Back! Back! Back!

    Will e-mail.


  • rodnico

    I love my loft, they are not as expensive as you would think. As much as I love my neighborhood I would like to be able to let my dog out the back door and let him run around.

    You are not that far from us. My boyfriend and I have been thinking about slowly touring the vineyards of the south-east, maybe we could have lunch some weekend and taste wines.


  • Francois

    I'm just gonna be moving back to Atlanta on 5/4 and will probably still be under boxes by then. I'll be in Decatur, actually. Just down from Agnes Scott. But I'd be interested in getting together at some point with any group that comes out of this.

    I've got a date already with Joelbear for lunch, maybe he'd like to go to your shindig too. There's prolly lots of us Atlanta types.


  • joelbear

    I don't venture into the city much now that I have become accustomed to suburbia, but its a possibility.


  • rodnico


    If nothing else we need to have a welcome back to Atlanta night out! Email me and we can chat. Hopefully we can make this group work.

    If downtown Atlanta is not good for most people like joelbear, we can find a location that would suit the majority of people, maybe in a school or such place. But we need to first find out who is interested, and then make arrangments.


  • Francois


    You're on. I think that Atlanta is full of people who are ex-JWs, and would like to get together.

    And I'd like to get together, too, for your idea of a personal welcome back to Atlanta party. That's two now. You and Joelbear. I'm so tickled.

    Check your email.


  • obiefernandez


    I'm mailing invitations now to people that have contacted me regarding an ATL support group. Hope to meet you in person there.


  • LDH

    to Obie and Nic


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