My Journey to the Dark Side is Complete

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  • ctrwtf

    I started fading probably 8 years ago. Completely inactive for 5 years now. Fortunately my entire family including the DW also has faded.

    One thing that has been hard to erase however is praying before meals. Now I realize that for godly people everywhere this is a lifelong ritual. It is a symbol of humility before god and a sense of thankfulness for what is provided.. This is probably why it has taken so long for we, as a family to forego this custom. The kids, for years now been uncomfortable with it. The DW still clings to it, until this week when I was informed that it was no longer necessary for her. Yaaay!

    For me, prayer before meals is somewhat of an excercise in superiority. "Thanks god for taking care of me while there are people in the inner city and elsewhere enjoying a top ramen or less. While I deserve all this goodness, these other people not so much." Plus, my journey has led me away from the belief in god. (Thanks WT) So from now on, if I pray, it will be thus:

    Thanks Linda Greenlaw for the highly sustainable line caught swordfish. Thanks to my sister in-law (still in) for the delicious salsa recipe that adorns my swordfish taco. Thanks to the folks of PouillyFuse for the chardonnay that washed it all down. Thanks to my family, the funnest, best people in the world for the delightful company. And thanks to all of you for helping make this journey possible.

  • Perry

    Glad to hear you've moved on.

    God Bless

  • clarity

    Well done CTR ..... hope you live life to the fullest now!


    All the best to you & your family


  • 3dogs1husband

    YAY!!!!!!! -Reminds me of how recently i was torn about wether we should severly increase our living expenses to make life more comfortable for us - total first world problems, and my Girlfriend told me to PRAY about it. I said you know there are thousands of babies and little tiny children right now STARVING dying of hunger that justwant a crumb or a drink of milk praying to God right now - if tonight is the night he is gunna take 5 mins to do some God things I would be mad if he wasted time on this ;)

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Reminds me of Archie Bunker's prayer on Christmas, "Thanks lord, for this meal that we bought ourselves..."

  • Perversion of a truth
  • Phizzy

    Well done with your final release from the influence of your past.

    I had a flashback to praying before a meal the other week, my oldest came to dinner, and just before we were all about to tuck in, there it was ! the thought to pray !

    I too started to fade years ago, and walked away about six years ago, we didn't pray at meals for a couple of years or so before I walked. So, the flashback was strange.

    But being born-in, and in for nearly 60 years, it is bound to happen I suppose. I said nothing to the others at the table, just smiled to myself, that an atheist could think such a thing !

    Al the best to you and yours for a happy and fun future.

  • GoneAwol

    A prayer before meals flashback Phizzy. Very strange! Maybe the holy spirit luring you back in...

    We skipped the "allowyourhotmealtogocoldritual" years before we left. Besides, cant hear yourself think with 'Cheers' on the telly..

  • punkofnice

    Glad it's going well.

    What's a DW? I thought it meant 'don't worry'.

  • LisaRose

    Good for you.

    Reminds me of the time my elder Father in law came to visit. He absolutely hated cats, and at the time we had a nasty, revenge pooping, cat named Butter. Butter did not like visitors, or apparently, prayers, because as my FIL was saying one before the meal, Butter grabbed him by his privates. FIL took it well, just gave a grunt, grabbed Butter, got up and ejected him from the house, came back and finished the prayer. It was really, really hard not to laugh.

  • nonjwspouse

    My friend, who is muslim, told me he prayed for thanks after meals. In their view you could get all get killed before the meal, so it is more proper to say the thanks after you ate the meal.

    Ok, I guess that makes as much sense.

  • ctrwtf

    Thanks to all for your fun replies. Esp. Perry. God Bless indeed!

    Pof Nice DW = Dear Wife(y)

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