What If You Were ......................?

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    Try to imagine for a moment that you are the Almighty God ! You have the power to create anything you desire. Forget about everthing that you know now and pretend you are going to create a humankind and also a place for that humankind to reside.

    What would you create?

    I know it is hard to try to imagine yourself in this situation but try if you will.

    As for me I think that I would have a little more empathy and compassion in my design. I believe I would not create a humankind that would live forever but I would make it clear to my creation what laid ahead for them at there end.

    I do believe I would give my creation what we have now as far as free will goes but I would not make guilt a part of the process.

    As far as the earth goes I think I would have not made available to inhabitants fossil fuels but would have made solar energy resources the main source of eneregy.

    Last but not least I would not tolerate any form of religion that did not encourage free will.

    How about you what would you create?

  • moman

    Free-will is impossible.

  • Nicolas

    And why?

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