Deaf preacher just contacted me about JW's studying with..

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  • Gojira_101

    someone from his Church.

    A fellow interpreter I work with goes to a local deaf Church and her and the preacher are wanting me to help someone from their Church who have started studying with JW's. Well the dangerous evil apostate is more than willing to help and a huge THANK YOU to Cedars for making his recent video have captioning, because that is one link I just sent them.

    I provided the relevant websites, JWfacts, JWStruggle, JWSurvey.....and I sent links to some of the person experience I've read on here that are heart breaking. These people need to see how ugly the JW's really are and what they do to people. The couple who is studying with the JW's has said "how 'nice' the JW's are"......I just about threw up in my mouth, and I told my friend and the preacher how the JW's will only be nice to you while you are studying and once you are in, no love and they all turn 'cold'

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    Newly Enlightened

    Very good post! Good job Sweetie! Keep us posted

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    Go ge them evil apostate Gojira_101!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Gojira_101

    I got more details and clarified some things.

    The JW's are studying with the couples daughter who has cerebral-palsy CP.

    I guess after I sent all that stuff to the preacher he went and talked to the parents last night, I don't know how much of what I sent he showed them, but supposedly the parents are stopping the study. YAY!

    What I just realized this morning, the JW's are preying on the disabled and kids in order to get new members.

    I don't know if you remember awhile ago I posted a thread on one of the JW's on my Facebook who posted a picture of her and her 9 year old study out in FS. So now I think this is what the JW's are doing to get new members, they have to bring in children and people with disabilities and if you think about it, someone with a disabilities would like hearing how "Jehovah will heal all your problems in the new system. The blind will see, the deaf will hear.....etc" Of course that sounds appealing to someone with a disability.

  • blondie

    I would think that if a jw is studying with a minor child under 18, they need the parent's permission. If they have that permission, it is the paren'ts responsibility to a great degree. Educating the parent(s) is the best thing. The WTS has been targetting the deaf and blind for some time, as well as disabled with the promise of eternal good health on a paradise earth. jws target people who are unhappy, disabled, suffering a castrophe in their lives. If non-jws reject them, "oh, they have their paradise on earth already, or think they do."

    I saw an elder and his wife target his non-jw cousin who was in a wheelchair, a quadriplegic. After an initial love bombing, people stopped coming up and talking to her (her speech was hard to undersand). When she needed a ride to the meetings when her cousin was on vacation, no one stepped forward, not even the 2 families that had special vans. She was counseled on not coming to enough meetings. Gradually she stopped coming and went back to the church she had been going to whose care and support did not have conditions.

    The deaf groups and congregations tend to be made up of hearing individuals "helping" the deaf. I was approached by the president of the non-jw deaf club asking why the sudden interest in the deaf. "A new field" of possible candidates now that less and less hearing are becoming jws. He felt they were preying on these people like too many hearing do. Pretty much like the Spanish-speaking congregations where the children going to school are learning English and forgetting all but the Spanish to talk with family, even a mixture of Spanish and English. Nothing at a theocratic level. Eventually the older children switch to the English or stay because then they don't have to listen because they don't understand it.

    I know jws that switched to Spanish-speaking congregations to get away from the image others had of them. These congregations tend to be closer, more family oriented, and welcoming to new people. But...many of these jws do not learn much Spanish and the males do not progress to being MS or elders.

    It is good that there is balanced information for the hearing impaired.


  • Vidiot

    I know it's only semi-related, but I always felt weird accompanying higher-ranking guys when they went on RVs to individuals who clearly had severe mental health problems; it felt too much like we were taking advantage of them, because of their inherent inability to make fully rational decisions.

  • Gojira_101

    Blondie what was interesting back when I was still a JW I went to a few ASL meetings and there were only like 2-4 deaf families there. Most of the people were hearing. The last time I went there was only 1 deaf family there, parents were deaf and their kids were all hearing.

    I'm hoping to start "helping" some of the deaf to have access to this stuff on the internet.

  • Gojira_101

    Vidiot: It's pretty sad when the JW's have to prey on the disabled in order to get new members. FS was always uncomfortable, didn't matter who was receiving the "witnessing."

    Thanks for sharing your comment. I think this is the only way JW's can get new members. Really when you think about it, for someone with a disability what the JW's say would have a draw. The JW's have everything figured out what works for certain people to get their hooks in them.

    It just makes me so angry, frustrated and sad.

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