'Enough is Enough' - August 1 has been designated as Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day

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    August 1 has been designated as Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day®, an event to be celebrated with various activities throughout the month of August.

    Clergy sexual abuse (also known as misconduct and exploitation) is a prevalent problem in every denomination around the globe.

    Our goal is to raise awareness of the issue of clergy sexual abuse and its devastating and destructive effects on individual lives, congregations and religion as a whole.

    This campaign is necessary because the issue of clergy sexual abuse is little understood by most people. Education and awareness are essential in both prevention and healing.

    News reports abound about spiritual leaders having an "affair" with a teen or adult, male or female. The term "abuse" is rarely used in the media, though it needs to be understood and labeled as such.

    Will you join us in telling the world that Enough IS Enough?
    Resources you can use to Get Involved!Download, print and share the flyers (Flyer 1; Flyer 2)

    Download and distribute the public service announcement to local radio stations (:30 spot; :60 spot)Order buttons and other materials to share with others during your campaign event

    Review additional website resources here.




    Though the Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day ® campaign (CSAAP, for short) appear to be members of Seventh day Adventists, who go by the name http://www.thehopeofsurvivors.com/ ; from last report they are not involved with (the mother organization) - Seventh day Adventists in California that are lobbying against SB131.


    SB 131 Legislative Alert - May 8, 2013

    Legislative Alert - May 8, 2013

    SB 131 - OPPOSE

    Yesterday Dennis Seaton was in attendance at the Judiciary Committee where SB 131 passed with only one vote against. This bill is harmful to Adventist Church schools. The bill is being vigorously opposed by the California Association of Private School Organizations (CAPSO). Seventh-day Adventist schools are affiliated with CAPSO.
    SB 131 changes the statute of limitations period for suing private organizations only, in respect to sexual abuse cases, despite the fact that public schools account for the vast majority of both students and abuse complaints.
    SB 131 fails both victims and private schools by ignoring the actual perpetrators of sex abuse, and doing nothing to strengthen criminal penalties against abusers or extend the criminal statute of limitations.
    The Legislative Aides at the Capitol have told us that 5 phone calls/emails make a difference. Please take time to contact the Appropriations Committee members and tell them that you oppose this bill. You will most likely reach a Voice Mail, all they want is your name and that you oppose SB 131.
    Kevin de Leon [email protected] 916-651-4022
    Mimi Walters [email protected] 916-651-4037
    Ted Gaines [email protected] 916-651-4001
    Jerry Hill [email protected] 916-651-4013
    Ricardo Lara [email protected] 916-651-4033
    Alex Padilla [email protected] 916-651-4020
    Darrell Steinberg [email protected] 916-651-4006

    - See more at: http://www.churchstate.org/index.php?id=1500#sthash.7438siB9.dpuf

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Sol Reform, I don't often comment on your threads about child abuse/molestation. I just want to thank you for sharing this information and compliment you on your passion for helping to raise awareness about this issue.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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