I dreaded marrying "in the truth"

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  • Nosferatu

    I remember going to the conventions and seeing all the good looking women with their cute butts sticking out of their modest dresses. The problem was the aftermath of looking at them. I thought to myself "what would happen if I married her? I would have someone else other than my parents "encouraging" me to attend meetings or field service when I didn't want to, not to mention whatever JW relatives she has." It really made me miserable thinking about having a JW wife.

    When you were looking for a JW mate (if at all) what were the thoughts running through your head?

  • DesirousOfChange

    .When you were looking for a JW mate (if at all) what were the thoughts running through your head?

    That it was someone who would share my goals and values and would stand side-by-side with me in serving Jehovah. I would never have even considered a "worldly" person.


  • insearchoftruth4

    Right on Doc. Never even considered a 'worldly' person..It has to be Paradise or bust.....When I wolk up to the WT LIE, She did shortly after....We are the 'lucky' ones... Family intact ...I thank God Almighty.......insot4

  • ILoveTTATT

    Hi Nosferatu!

    I dreaded marrying "in the truth" for a whole different reason...

    (BTW I am single, soooo glad I have never married, and so glad that I can date anyone I want to now)

    Did you know that [email protected] and [email protected] sex are prohibited under the WT? That if you practice or promote them EVEN WHILE MARRIED you can be disfellowshipped if someone in the congregation gets to know about it?

    This was my first major problem with JW's... I did not agree at all with this, I thought this would be impossible for me (always the same sex in the same position and not trying anything else)... plus hearing comments of my friends, some married, some even elders, that implied they were doing other stuff in the bedroom, led me to believe that not many people know about this doctrine (did you?)...

    But, just a couple of months ago, I was a "good JW"... so I really wondered, if I married someone in the "truth™", and I wanted to do other things, how would I tell my wife? What if I was promoted to an MS™ or an Elder™? You cannot have "special privileges™" if you are doing these things... so my complication was much worse than yours!! Also, what if later I did not want to be a JW? Would that destroy my marriage?



  • BU2B

    I wish I did dread it, then I wouldnt be in the position I am today. Unfortunately, I was the opposite, to the effect that I am 25 and just had my 5th anniversary and have a 3 and a half year old, you do the math. I love my wife, but living a charade and struggling to wake her up is such a strain. Oh well time to go home and have some "Old Grand-Dad"

  • truthhurts13

    I absolutely will NOT live without oral and anal. I WILL NOT COMPLY

    Just ask my wife if you don't believe me...... If I could just figure out how to upload pics......

  • Adiva

    I remember sisters that were so happy to have 'gotten a good brother' but, by the time they got back from the honeymoon, there was such a look of misery on both their faces and it always perplexed me. That and the fact that they'd each gained about 20 lbs. didn't help the picture.


  • Mum

    Oh, what a painful memory - marrying a "nice elder" with a skilled trade. I knew we had nothing in common except the stupid religion, but I was rebounding (from a "worldly" guy) and I thought I was long in the tooth (I was 21!).

    The only thing good about it is that I have my daughter. Her dad hasn't spoken to her for years, but she accepts that freedom has its price.

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