Babylon the Great, the Great Trib, etc.

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    Thinking about topics such as Babylon the Great, the Great Tribulation and the kinds of things would scare the living bageezus out of me as a child, I took a walk down memory lane. And let's be very clear here... I was utterly terrified as a child growing up as a JW. Everything terrified me. The slightest rumble of thunder, or a car backfiring would send my heart into my throat, as I was sure that Armageddon was about to start any second and I risked possible death because how could I know if I was righteous enough? I had stomach problems, anxiety and would shake at the thought. I would shiver in bed out of sheer terror. I lived in constant fear. The vivid imagery in the publications, the stories that were told and retold, the talks and discussions afterward...No child should be brought up like that.

    With this trip down memory lane, it got me to thinking about the future of Watchtower Corp. But again, to think about the future, one must also think about the past. Many dates have come and gone. Watchtower has a 100% failure rate. Everything they get wrong, they simply reinvent by labelling it "new light." 1914 happened invisibly. So what about new possible interpretations of events previously discussed regarding Babylon and the Great Trib?

    They are mostly a one trick pony -- the end of the world is upon us. It's closer than your eyelids. Keep vigilant. If things become tougher for them financially and if their tight hold on members continues to loosen, wouldn't it make sense to reinvent new light? Possible candidates include Babylon the Great and the Great Trib.

    Could the fall of Babylon the Great be reinterpreted in line with social science data indicating people are becoming less religious? People are increasingly "losing their religion" so there are potential possibilities there.

    And the Great Trib. Could that be Watchtower Corp being persecuted by more and more lawsuits and "attacks" by secular authorities?

    With Babylon the Great "falling" and Watchtower under "seige" (lawsuits from abuse victims, etc.), this would surely mean Armageddon is truly just about to be upon us (yes, yes, always coming, never arriving...but still).

    Obviously these ideas are speculative. However, there are so many ways Watchtower Corp's leadership could rev things up to create a sense of exciting new light, greater urgency and greater activity amongst Watchtower's followers.

    Watchtower Corp is an "end of the world" one trick pony, but they have many possibible escape routes for some time.

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