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  • enigma1863
  • enigma1863

    So blood is sacred to God… Except to the vampire bats, ticks, leeches, bed bugs mosquitoes…etc

  • sir82

    Satan corrupted the leeches & mosquitos. In Eden they sucked the milk from coconuts.

  • adamah

    enigma1863, it seems you're operating under a few false assumptions. Let me "fix" your thinking!

    For starters, the use of logic and reason is frowned upon in the NT by Paul, etc, UNLESS it's used to PROTECT faith! THEN it becomes fair play, esp if you can use rationalization techniques based on (well, nothing really, other than loosely-connected ideas) that will leave your challenger speechless, and dumbfounded.

    For example, take the case of vampire bats:

    Vampire bats are named after a man-made superstition of vampiry which emerged in medieval times; hence it's a 'pagan' belief, and if you did the research and connected all the dots, it would eventually trace right back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden, AKA Satan!

    It gets a bit tricky at times, but just remember this general rule of thumb:

    All the bad stuff comes from Satan, and all the good stuff comes from God!

    All those critters are icky/eweie, and they're violating God's prohibition against eating blood (Genesis 9:5), so CLEARLY they all get chalked up to Satan!

    Any argument that follows that general format works just as well as any other; in fact, the more contradictory examples you can offer, the better! Don't let inconvenient high-minded eggheaded concerns for proof and evidence stop you, as those silly skeptics are only needlessly limiting their imaginations!


  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    Thicker than water?

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  • justmom


    And of course it is sacred to Jah!

    His own son gave it on behalf of all of mankind.

    and in return told us " no one has greater love for his brother or sister than to be willing to surrender his soul on ther behalf."

    Even towards our enemies if we can find " the love!"

    YET according to the WTBS it is forbidden to show this kind of love and sacrifice towards one another being giving and receiving BLOOD!

    And they call themselves The TRUTH and have LOVE as their identifying mark of being a true Christian.

    HOW ABSURD and CRAZY!!!!!

    Just a thought


  • adamah

    enigma said:

    So blood is sacred to God… Except to the vampire bats, ticks, leeches, bed bugs mosquitoes…etc

    Got it figured it out, after thoughtful prayer: while it's true that bats, mosquitos, ticks, etc feed off of human blood, they only consume fractions, so it's OK!


  • Tiktaalik

    It's not just bats, mozzies, leeches, fleas etc that are disrespectin' Jahoover.

    I have watched a lot of wildlife docos and I have never seen a lion properly bleeding out a gazelle before it eats it. It's just chase, kill, munch. No draining of the blood and covering over the blood with dirt like you are supposed to do if you want to keep the big old jealous creator chappy happy.

    All those god-dissing carnivores will not be available for the traumatised JW survivors to pat after Armageddon - because they will be made to pay and will be wiped out along with all the other enemies of god.


    You guys don't see the big picture. Yes, thousands of JW's have died for refusing blood. This is no big deal when weighed against the resurrection hope and the fact that the JW's stalwart opposition to blood, forced the Medical community to invent alternatives. In the future, all mosquitos, leeches, bats, name it, will be reconcilled to God by consuming blood alternatives. You need your thinking adjusted.


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