JW's To Pound Sand In the New System Of Things?

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  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    A Model To Explain The Jehovah's Witness Behavior. Jehovah witnesses can be classified as two types of people: 1. Walking talking narcissists 2. Narcissistic suppliers: Inverted mirrors of the narcissists that provide narcissistic supply; co-dependents. That’s it in a nutshell. Ev erybody else gets cut off and thrown away by the JW narcissists because they don’t provide narcissistic supply. All of the dynamics of the jehoavah witnes s relationships are co ntrolled by narcissistic supply to the narcissist. Everything else is thrown away. and that determines the extent and dynamics of all of the relationships of these people. It controls all of the extracurricular activities and it controls all of the modes of learning and discourse with the jehoavah witness. The co dependents (the inverted mirrors) have no say because they are just plastic molded facilitators to the narcissists by providing narcissistic supply. Even cutting off thee narcissistic supply doesn’t help because the narcissist will just cut you off and find another inverted mirror to provide narcissistic supply. The Narcissist will USE you as long as you provide narcissistic supply to them. They will use you as long as you provide opportunity for them. When you no longer provide them opportunity they will cut you off because they are not getting the narcissistic supply. They have to have Narcissist supply and they will do anything to obtain narcissistic supply. They may go away go away for a period of time. they may stalk you and harass you. they may surrender and promise to do anything for a period of time in order to reestablish the relationship. But it’s only for a time. Above all they have to have their narcissistic supply and they cannot be helped. They establish inverted mirrors or co dependencies with the people in their life and they pretty much cut all other people off. And if you don’t suc cumb to this inverted mirror co-dependency then they will cut you off. It’s as simple as that. And they will do this to everyone in their life. This is not unlike the jehova witness clan and what they teach their corporate constituents. It’s exactly the same process. How a JW treats it’s non -compliant victims and how a Narcissist treats it’s inverted mirrors that refuse to provide narcissistic supply is exactly the same. A narcissist above all needs narcissistic supply from the people in their life. They do not know how to stop. They cannot stop. They are not even aware that they cannot stop and think that they are perfectly normal and fine. They are addicted to these neuro peptides and the concomminant neuron pathway firings that they produce. They will do anything just as a drug addict has to have the peptides produced and the neuro pathways fired. It’s as predictable as a dog salivating to the sound of a bell. The vindictive narcissistic person is projecting all the shame and guilt on to you. That is why they are so bitter. That is why they are so vindictive. They need to have the narcissisti c supply and they are not getting it. That’s why simply avoiding the narcissist doesn’t do it.

    They need their fix. It’s a chemical thing. It’s neuro peptides that they need to reproduce. And they will do anything to reproduce those neuro peptides in their system. By the same token. The “inverted” narcissist. The co dependent spouse or co dependent kids are manipulated even further by the narcissist. That’s why they try so hard to control the kids every thought. that’s why they try so very hard to win. they don’t realize how crazy it all is. they don’t even realize how bitter they are and they don’t recognize what everyone sees by their stalking, blame, and attack. Reference: http://www.scribd.com/doc/119322822/Hunt-For-Narcissistic-Supply-The-Jehovah-Witness-Story

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