Different versions of the NWT?

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    Having noted in the last 3 days a romour of a new revisal of the NWT etc I thought I would see if I have all the NWTs in my collection:

    1950-1961 are-

    1. Christian Greek Scriptures

    2. Genesis-Ruth

    3.1 Samuel-Esther

    4. Job- Song of Solomon

    5. Isaiah-Lamentations (I think?)

    6. Ezekiel- Malachi (I think?)

    These I have stored away.

    Now the 1961 complete green bible I have. (Hebrews 1:6 I think has a difference from today)

    The 1969 Kingdom Interlinier I have on pdf.

    The 1971 Black Large Print I have.

    I have 3 1984 Reference editions

    Numerous Maroon and Black soft covers. Also numerous Black Hard Covers (All 1984)

    The 2006 soft covers I have several langauges. (All have removed the [] brackets.)

    I should say I have 30 other translations. Im a collector- not a believer.

    Are there any NWTs I have missed? (Besides the audio on the website lol- BTW the audio.... Mark 16:8... it ends..... John 7:53-John 8:11 ..gone. No footnotes in the audio so it's not canon lol)

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