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  • badboy

    As I was walking past my local kingdom hall, so I heard a thud(a sort of musical thud),there were no cars or anything to indicate that anybody should have been in the KH.

    Could it have been DEMONS inside making that noise?

    Maybe the local KH needs an exorcism to drive the demons out!

    The following day after touching theKH rails, my fichemarker disappearted,



    I try to keep a good distance just in case there is no such thing as coincidance!!!! THE closest one is 4 blocks away...According to the JWs it is ME that is demonized and bad association mOST of my life -- peace (((((HUGS)))))

  • singsongboi

    when i was young --- hmmm!!!! too long ago to bear thinking about...

    i was in haberfield congregation in sydney, oz. the next congregation - i forget what they called it, but most bethel people (not many in those days anyway) went there, met in croydon park, just down the road from where i now live.

    the hall they hired was over a pub (tavern type).. (convenient)..

    many brothers reckoned it was under demon attack, as often when they would come into the hall, things were scattered around, and some stuff even broken....

    so maybe there are a special 'elite' group of kingdom hall demons....

    u never know your luck in a big city!!!!!!

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