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  • simwitness

    Can someone help me understand the chronology of the "144,000" doctrine of the WTBS?

    What I am looking for is quotes/pointers to the publications about:

    1. How they decided who was of this "special" class.
    2. When the cuttoff point was for being part of it. (I think it is 1935, but am not sure)
    3. How a person "knows" or "proves" they are of the annointed.

    I am wondering what the WTBS will do when it can no longer "prove" that it's GB can possibly be from this class, and what kind of new light will be provided for this.

    As other's have pointed out, the more recent books/magazines have a "lack" of material in them... wondering how the WTBS will deal with it.


  • Xenu

    For it is borne witness in the hearts of the Saints, that the Elohim
    has chosen them.

  • hooberus

    The Watchtower - June 15, 1970 p.382, 383 Has a detailed arcticle on how the 144K "know" they are annointed. It also discusses the year 1935. It also gives information on how members of the 144K are replaceable even with newbie witnesses if they prove unfaithful.

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