Has anyone seen today's JW broadcast this Saturday to the KH's 5/09/2015

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  • WideAwake7

    I have faded successfully with family intact now for 3 years ...but my in-laws are still in the Borg. They are so excited to go to this event than visit there patriarch father of 97 years of age in the hospital who is still a JW .... Who we take care of 24 /7 at his home.

    What is so important about today? .... It seems so waist of time and what is important in life is left in second place or just not appreciated .

  • Daniel1555
    You probably mean the german branch visit.
  • NewYork44M

    I am sure they announce that we are closer than ever to the end of this wicked old system. They then advised to hang in there and don't give up - we have a short wait for our eternal reward.

    I am be a bit off on the words, but I'll bet they are pretty close.

  • blondie
    I can remember before the days of today's technology, that few jws ever heard a GB member or a rep of the body give a talk. It was counted a rare privilege and many felt left out. Now they feel more part of the elite group. I remember what a coup it was to be invited to a Gilead graduation or a special convention. So that's what they are excited about.

    Now they feel more part of the elite group......Blondie

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