Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

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    I was in Battersea Park in London yesterday (enjoying the gorgeous weather and riding on a Boris bike hehe), when I saw a number of small groups of Africans in white robes talking to various people who were relaxing in the park. One or two were showing scriptures to the people they were talking to. Obviously my interest was immediately piqued and I stopped my bike and asked one of them for a leaflet.

    This morning I finally got around to reading it. The religion is called Brotherhood of the cross and star and I was surprised to find one of the addresses on the back said "Mill Hill Bethel, The Ridgeway, High Street, London NW7 1QU". I did a double take and a triple take . Surely they're not a secret apostate group based in the JW UK headquarters?! .

    I decided to look on line for more info. As expected, (and disappointingly) the bethel address appears to be a coincidence (they call their churches "bethels" and this one just happens to be based in Mill Hill). This is a Nigerian religion according to Wiki, and clearly a cult (seem quite similar to the Moonies).

    Sorry if this is a bit of a non newsworthy thread, but it was quite a moment. Still, I guess it's another demonstration that JWs don't have the monopoly on "witnessing".

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