The Watchtower Corporation Is A Monument To: Corporational Wishful Thinking Flawed Business Models

by frankiespeakin 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • frankiespeakin

    To run a corporation efficiently attention to real facts and realistic goal are essential. Bad data, and unrealistic goals brings them down eventually, it is the normal cycle of outcome when one follows a course of wishful thinking.

    The Top CEOs of this company don't place a very high value on accurate information, in fact they concider such information with disdain and annoyance. They are so steeped in black and white thinking that comprehension is very low, just look at the multitude of dates they have given for the end of the world, you would think that they would have learned their lesson by now and made some type of significant changes in Corporations policies to avoid repeating the same dumb scenerio but no! they are stuck in a rut that is getting deeper and deeper the more times they try to get out, they just don't have the mental horse power to do it, after all they are old and brainwashed by their own propaganda,, what a pity. IOW they have dug themselves into a whole they can't get out of or IOW they have painted themselves into a corner because they can't come to grips with the truth, fantacy is what drives them with a truth ratio of (fantacy)10:1(truth)

    So we have the classical "blind leading the blind" down a path to who know where? Not a very good situation to be in because the way it looks now with the internet and all things eventual will reach the "nightmare stage" for this wishful thinking bunch of corporation bible thumpers.

  • Londo111

    Not to worry, Armageddon will take care of it in a year or two.

  • frankiespeakin

    It seems now quite obvious, that this new set of GBs are in need of some new ideas or else they are in some big trouble, they have inherited a big mess from their predecessors 130+years of making dates and predictions based on their bible "expertice" in combining bible verses and time calculations that have never once materialized as true, never, ever, but yet they keep tredging on in the same old routine, never learning from the past, now that is what I call stupidity, or insanity(doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results(I think Albert E. said that)).

    So this is the mess that they have inherited, they are not totally to blame for the messy predicament, but they can share a large portion of the blame if they keep on doing the same thing as was done in the past unless they are real forgetful learners or are not mentally fit to tie their own shoes.

    I seen Freddy Franz at a Gilead graduation in the late 1980s he didn't seem very mentally coherent at the time(looked totally out of it) so it proves to me you can be totally useless mentally and still retain your Governing Body membership, which is no way to run a corporation(I wonder if he still had a vote on that body).

    These Guys can't make the hard decisions that need to be made they are too sentimental about bullshit to make good hard decisions, they are still hoping in Jehovah the corporations sock puppet to make their dumb decisions, instead of looking at reality, and the facts, they are hopelessly following a course of wishful thinking and making hail mary plays right and left, trusting in their sky daddy to make them work.

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