Does Jehovah's Witnesses baptism qualification info disclose anything about Disfellowshipping

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  • Watchtower-Free

    Does the bible teach book say anything about DFing?

    Isn't this dishonest?

  • sir82

    It is covered, superficially at least, in the list of questions that must be discussed with the "baptismal candidate" prior to being "qualified" for baptism.

    Potential JWs are aware that disfellowshipping exists.

    I'd wager that probably 80+% of "baptismal candidates", and probably 99% of the kids, have never thought seriously of the real ramifications.

  • sd-7

    The Bible Teach book doesn't even mention the 'faithful and discreet slave', does it? I think the idea is that it is assumed that that will be learned at the meetings anyway, more or less. Also, handing the prospective JW the 'od' book is the equivalent of notifying them of what DF'ing is, since they're supposed to actually read it. In the strictest technical sense, the information is provided before baptism, but a typical JW is probably not going to read everything they're supposed to before making the commitment.


  • nugget

    The baptism questions relating to disfellowshipping are very vague and certainly do not introduce the idea of doubts. They certainly do not go into detail of how this affects the disfellowshipped person and family relations. It is worth remembering that at the point of baptism you are not thinking about going back on the decision so will gloss over the 2 or 3 questions with a feeling that it will never apply to you. It is only via the watchtower articles that the true impact of disfellowshipping is discussed.

    Also bear in mind that some who are baptised are minors and so discussion of fornication and the like is not something they have ever faced.

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