JW´s original bible on the British museum?

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  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    Hi, a JW told me that the original bible from they have translated "The new world Tranlation of the Holy scriptures" is in the British Museum.

    Anybody with a knowledge about this?

  • Phizzy

    The JW's in London used to do guided tours of the British Museum, the guides were of poor quality, and only knew the propaganda the WT had fed them, and little about the evolution of the Bible down till our day.

    One guide told me the divine name was in the Codex Sinaiaticus, the oldest complete copy of the N.T, but as it is late 3rd or early 4th century (from memory) it does not contain the Tetragrammaton, as do none of the older fragments of the N.T

    The WT/JW guide was talking crap. As was another one who was talking of Tyndale's N.T and said it was the first translation in to the vernacular English tongue, the guide said this as I was standing next to an Eighth century N.T in the English of the day, unreadable to me of couse.

    If your friend is getting his info. from such sources, take no notice.

    The chief source for the NWT, I remember, was the text prepared by Wescott and Hort in the late 19th century, prepared by them by comparing many manuscript fragments and guessing at what the text should be.

    Much Scholarship has gone on since their day, so that was a bit of a dated text to use.

    There are no very early complete manuscripts of the N.T, and certainly no "Autograph" copies, so what we have is copies of copies, of yet more copies.

    Textual Critics know that many errors crept in , and much redaction took place, so only good educated guesswork can be used as to what was originally written.

  • Bobcat


    Although this is a little aside from the thread title, I've wondered if the purpose of the WT provided guides for the museum tour was to prevent JWs from hearing any real history related to Jerusalem and 607/587. Do you have any insight into that?


    Take Care

  • Terry


    If you have a free hour and can take notes you'll be rewarded by a close reading of this.

  • BluesBrother

    Was he referring to this?

    INSIGHT 2 318 (from jw.org)

    "Another noteworthy Hebrew manuscript is a codex of the Pentateuch preserved in the British Museum (Codex Oriental 4445),

    consisting of Genesis 39:20 to Deuteronomy 1:33 (except for Nu 7:46-73 and Nu 9:12–10:18 , which are lacking or have been

    supplied by a later hand) and probably dating from the tenth century C.E"

    Nb In my experience most of the manuscripts have now been moved to The British Library , which is near St Pancras Railway station

    NNB I would certainly agree with Phizzy about the Watchtower Guides. Since awakening ,I would love to tag along and inocently ask why he/she is saying 607 bce when the labels on the exhibits say 587bce I have not met them yet. The tours were not arranged by "The Society" a private firm ,owned by a Greek Bro. used to do it....The Pioneers were counting their time - nice work if you can get it! We used to enjoy the tours though, back in the day when I believed all that they said

  • snare&racket


    I have no doubt! I took my sister around a museum showing her evolution and history older than Adam, then there was the dinosaurs and fossils... whe told me she had been to the london museum so many times and never seen any of this, as I said to her...

    "They are waiting at the door for your arrival, to make sure you dont! Notice how the general public are able to meander around a museum just fine by themselves? Kids, old people, families! ......"

    Watchtower have lied so much in their time, it says alot that such a simple solution held water for so long. Of course people have access to more knowledge than ever before in most rooms of the house nowadays, hence the evils of the internet exhaled at volume during every JW meeting and assembly...

    It is quite enjoyable to watch sometimes, it may be dying slowly, but its dying.... truth will always find a way...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I saw an actual literal translation of a NT document and was shocked. So much is not written. I had no clue how much translators supplied. Next, I saw about seven different translations of the actual text. With the exception of a few words, they all agreed. I assume something happens that I do not fully understand.

    After almost a complete decade of intensive French, I still translate French expressions literally. NY has many French places. I am always shocked that a famous painting would be "a death of life." rather than a still life. I see the English translation and it makes sense to me. It is just that I was never a native French speaker. Atlho I came close, I never thought in French itelf. Sometimes I laugh out loud at my translations and what the common sense expression is.

    I love French films. Sometimes, rarely, I understand the French words. It makes no sense or it sounds terrible. The subtitles translate it differently.

    I thought Tyndale was the first. Was English in the 8th century English or Anglo-Saxon? I don't doubt that you are truthful. Perhaps the Roman Church was not so powerful and hierarchical in those older days. When I read of Tudor times, I am struck by the Protestants active in courts and the excitement of normal people about translations. Henry was very Catholic except when the pope when not grant his divorce. Anne Boelyn and other close friends were Protestant. He appeared to look the other way b/c some normal people were tortured. The Protestant activity seems secretive yet vast numbers of people appear to know the secret.

  • mP


    you can read the oldest complete bible for yourself. it shows photos of every scroll with translations as well as the literal words at codexsinaticus.org

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