recent convo. re: pedophiles and JW practices

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  • new22day

    So my former jw bf, now just an ex and only a friend (thank God!) is visiting and mentions that he has been bothered about points I made in the past about pedophiles in the congs. He says he asked "an elder" at a DC about it and he said there is no tolerance for pedophiles and they advise people to see their doctor when these things come up as they are not equipped to handle it. (WTF? -- see their doctor vs. contacting the police? What does that accomplish?)

    So I mention the letter to the BOE in October that advises elders to contact the WTS legal dept. first and he says it was made up by apostates. I offer to show him some info. online and of course he declines. I mention the Conti case and the 25M settlement for the victim and how the courts hold the WTS responsible and he says it will be appealed to higher courts. So I shrug. It will be appealed and they will lose because they are WRONG. God's chosen channel - my arse. sigh! There's no point debating people who don't want to see the truth. One thing that makes me happy is that it bothers him enough to ask questions, although he's a dumb sheep so he won't take things further and think anything thru. Oh well, I'm free.

  • jhine

    just keep doin' what ya can . A penny might drop one day

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