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  • Freeof1914

    Hope all if you are well. Just a couple if updates I don't post much, but I constantly read. I am now disfellowshipped and I am seperated from my wife and rebuilding from the bottom. Thankfully I have a steady career, I am a NYC public schoolteacher, which pays the bills but not the lavish materialistic lifestyle I have chosen to follow! : ) All joking aside I am in need of some extra cash and so decided to try my footing in real estate since I am off for the summer. I went in for a meeting today and as I was sitting there listening to the head broker talk it struck me how similar this meeting was to field service meetings. The broker spoke about things we could not leave the office without all types of forms and it got me thinking to how we were drilled on never leaving without our reasoning book, or tracts and invitations etc. He spoke to us about how to handle our apartment viewings, how to close the deal, and the importance of maintaining a sense of urgency in making money! I was blown away by how identical this meeting was to the field service meeting! I mean he even had a quick demo!! It just strikes me that I sat there all these years thinking I was doing life saving work meanwhile I was just peddling a religious business/real estate/publishing company. I almost started laughing out loud thinking to myself how crazy it all seems to me now, sitting there thinking I was doing a godly service when in essence I was learning to be a salesman!

  • whathappened

    I have been in sales all my life and I certainly learned a lot about selling from the auditorium of the Kingdom Hall. Sales can be a numbers game, the more people you contact, the more chances to sell.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    A JW is a well trained sales-person, the uniform, the material, and the delivery make for solid sales every month no matter what.

  • exwhyzee

    I was also thinking about the whole "sales" aspect of being a JW. Then I remembered how they had an "offer for the month" and the "Magazine Subscription" campaigns. They had demos. on how to fill out the yellow and blue subscription forms, how to lead the householder into not only accepting the latest magazines but also signing up for a years subscription of BOTH Wt and Awake magazines. I never could bring myself to ask anyone if they wanted one. I couldn't understand why they thought a non JW would want to read let alone have a subscription to the Watchtower which is full of "inside" subjects, terms and training and instruction in congregational matters.

    My JW friend once jokingly said "There are people out there who would buy a white washed grave if you came to their door with it " In a way he was right, like all sales, it's a numbers game, the more people they get out there pushing the product, the more chances there are that someone will go for it, no matter what it is.

  • alanv

    I think anyone who attends a sales meeting will have the same expierence. Be friendly, show interest in the punter, write down details about them so it helps next time you meet. Tell the punter about others in their area who have accepted the offer. Change the offer if original offer is not working.

  • westiebilly11

    and the classic " a negative response is a positive result"...when householders told you to get lost...

  • PrincessCynic

    Half the elders on our KH were salesmen. And it showed, I just never saw it at he time.

    Good luck with your real estate endeavours.

  • blondie

    FS meetings are even more like sales meetings that they no longer discuss the day"s text

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