I went to a Lutheran church last week

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  • barry

    We were on holidays and while my sister in law took my son to her church the Catholic church I felt I would prefer my regular church the Anglican one. When we arrived to the site of the church we realised it was a Lutherine church. I decided to go there anyway. The service was very traditional and even though I resisted somewhat the deakon insisted I take communion with them. I have read they have a belief in the presents of our lord Jesus in the bread called consubstanciation and because of this they may be more strict.

    I have allways thought of the Lutherans as being at the forefront of the reformation and even the witness books I believe have them coloured in favourable light If I remember correctly. Barry

  • Mum

    The Catholic Church believes the bread and wine actually become the blood and body of Christ. It's called transubstatiation. I don't know about the Lutherans on this issue.

    The Lutherans were at the forefront of the Reformation because Martin Luther posted his 95 (correct #?) theses on the door of the church at Witenberg. Apparently, they did not change the church liturgy or ritual in any significant way.

  • Londo111

    I've gone to a Lutheran church a few times. I loved it.

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