Some Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt

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  • NewYork44M

    Here is an interesting article in today's New York Times.

    While it seems to be rough times for the cults of the world becuase of the internet, it is interesting that the end of the story suggests that the individuals are "still attached to their Mormon faith."

  • designs

    Where else can you go to have those kinds of business connections

  • adamah

    Unfortunately, people make a choice to stay in religions for more reasons that the rationality of the theology (or irrationality, as the case may be).

    For many, it's more about the social, familial, and emotional needs that are provided by being a member (or, like designs said, it's more about avoiding taking a hit in the pocketbook, with the religion serving as an unofficial Rotary Club: the old saying is "the hardest fact to get someone to accept is that which threatens their and their family's livelihood").

    The JWs and Mormons fully-understand this dynamic, and have maximized the non-rational factors as much as they can, making the cost of leaving so high that even if someone KNOWS the Truth isn't actually "the Truth" (i.e. being a model of reality that is confirmed by observations) they won't decide to act. Ironically, Simon Peter even voiced his doubts to Jesus, saying he saw no other alternatives for his life: "But Lord, where else would we (the apostles) go?" Those words could've been voiced by a JW or Mormon who says, "but I'm a born-in, and my entire family are JWs: where else would we go?"

    (that's actually a fallacious argument based on 'appealing to personal ignorance of available alternatives', and thus the choice is a false dichotomy, eg who says anyone NEEDS to believe in ANY religion?)

    If people aren't willing to stand up for reality, AKA truths, then they deserve whatever ethical and moral torment they experience in their lives. They're wasting their lives built on living on a lie or based on a pipe-dream, being the ultimate examples of hypocrits who are trying to get others trapped into a lifestyle that they themselves KNOW is a lie. At some point, individual responsibility has to enter the picture, and a person has to decide not to waste THEIR life; it's only themselves (and their families) that they're hurting, in the end.

    I guess JWs (and Mormons) are living proof of the old saying, 'misery loves company': apparently misery is even willing to spend its Saturday mornings going from door-to-door, looking for new recruits to join the misery club.


  • garyneal

    From the article:

    In the last 10 or 15 years, he said, “the church has come to realize that transparency and candor and historical accuracy are really the only way to go.”

    This is what the Watchtower needs to do. Not whitewash their history but allow for candid discussions regarding their short history (which is shorter than the Mormon church).

    “Sometimes people are furious because they feel they haven’t been told the truth growing up,” he said. “They feel like they were tricked or betrayed.”

    Imagine how many of the rank and file witnesses would feel if they really learned their true history.

    Mr. Mattsson said that when he started sharing what he had learned with other Mormons in Sweden, the stake president (who oversees a cluster of congregations) told him not to talk about it to any members, even his wife and children. He did not obey: “I said to them, why are you afraid for the truth?

    Brave man and well said. As it has been said here and in other places, truth has nothing to fear from a critical examination.

    The Mattssons have tried other churches, but they are still attached to their Mormon faith.

    This is where a lot of witnesses, including my wife, will probably find themselves at.

    “I don’t want to hurt the church,” Mr. Mattsson said. “I just want the truth.”

    It is good to see that the Mormon church is beginning to recognize that there needs to be more transparency with its members. I wonder if Governing Body 2.0 will every realize this?

  • Giordano

    This is a really great article NY44km thanks for sharing! I second garyneal and adamar's remarks.

  • Terry

    Eric Hawkins, a church spokesman, said that “every church faces this challenge,” adding, “The answer is not to try to silence critics, but to provide as much information and as much support as possible to those who may be affected.” Mr. Hawkins also said the Mormon Church, which counts 14 million members worldwide, added about one million members every three years.


  • NewYork44M

    Is it possible the people are connected to cults at a level that has nothing to do with logical reasoning? So attempting to convince these individuals that there is no logic in their religion is wasted energy.

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