WTS carts/stands in NYC or other cities

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  • Hillary

    Has anyone here approached the JW's at the carts and what has come of it? Did u say ur ex-jw or did u try to poke holes in the doctrines? Were u able to embarrass them in front of any bystanders with issues such as child abuse cover-up, false prophecy, etc? Any kind of confrontation? What happened and what was th result? Just curious because it seems this would be a good opportunity to approach them and maybe get them to wake up

  • AuntBee

    Hi Hillary - We have JWs outside at literature tables here in Tucson. I sent you a PM about it!

  • smiddy

    I dont know that I would ever want to make a" dick" of myself admitting in a public place that I was ever involved in this cult.

    A couple of times I have seen their set up in the business areas but haven`t engaged them in conversation ,however I welcome the opportunity to get into a discussion with them at my door ,but alas that never seems to occur.


  • ABibleStudent

    I hope that any exJW who sees JWs proselytising to non-JWs will take the time to ask those JWs a couple of simple questions in front of non-JWs. You would be doing a good deed to prevent JWs from recruiting non-JWs into the WTBTS. I know that I would.

    I feel that very little can be done by non-professional psychologists/cult-exit counselors to help JWs when they are proselytising. The best time to help JWs is when their authentic persona is more dominant than their cult persona.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Chaserious

    I have passed by the stands many times in the NY subways, but I never have stopped to talk to them. They don't approach anyone and just rely on people coming over. As a result, 90% of the time they are just standing there talking among themselves, and the other 10% of the time the person talking to them has crazy eyes or just doesn't seem to be all there. I would be shocked if they get anyone in possession of most of their mental faculties to a meeting from these stands.

  • LongHairGal


    I ignore them. Anything meaningful I had to say would fall on deaf ears.

    Besides, I like the idea of these stands. They make the JW religion look very commercial and just like every other religion, which is what it deserves to look like.

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