Killing Meeting Time

by Nosferatu 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu

    So I just have to ask... How many of you who are still technically in surf the net on your phone while at the meetings?

  • SloppyJoe

    Every meeting.

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    Ipads were beginning to make an appearance when I was still attending as a study, so I took an ultra portable laptop along, a little bit bigger than a netbook. This was allegedly "so I'd have all my library with me, whatever was needed for the meeting". In reality I'd found out the access code for the hall's wireless router, so spent my time online and running as many bit torrents as possible.

    I think I ate up so much bandwidth, people dialling in to the meeting by Skype were complaining about the sound breaking up and calls getting dropped.

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

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