Elder instructions to mates

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  • Crazyguy

    When i first was waking up to TTATT, doing my own research on the new covenant and the mediator i wrote down everything the WT said was their beliefs and then went through and blew up each one of their points and came to the conclusion that all christians are anointed all are under the new covenant and all mediated by Jesus. When i showed my research to my wife she freaked out and called the elders. With that the CO came over to see what was going on and the cat was out of the bag. Anyway with having to meet with him and others then writing a letter to Bethel and they said of course nothing, all things finally settled down mostly because of me and not wanting to go to a JC meeting.

    Any way for the most part except for maybe 1 or 2 small discussions nothing had been said or asked or commented on by my wife. Is it possible that the elders have told her not to talk with me about anything spiritual in nature?? Do they do that???

  • carla

    It is not only possible but probable that they told her not to discuss anything spiritual with you. Why don't you use the 'head of the house' thing on her & them? Could start world war 3 but then again could give you a bit of peace.

  • DesirousOfChange

    IF you find out they have been speaking privately/confidentially with her, BLOW YOUR CORK that they have NO RIGHT because that usurps your place as Family Head. JEHOVAH GOD has placed YOU as head of your household and it is a HOLY Arrangement that they are jeopardizing! Make the claim that their doing so could undermine your wife's respect for you and cause damage to your marriage, something that Jehovah would hold them in account for doing, AND that (at least in many places) they can be sued for causing the damage.


  • outsmartthesystem

    You can try DOCs suggestion, but for me that didn't work. I was told both by the elders and my wife that what we talk about at home most certainly is NOT confidential........not when it involves "disrespecting Christ's brothers". I asked where the bible supports such a belief. Of course the only answer I got was "it is theocratic order".

    The deal is........ALL BETS ARE OFF - including the head of the house argument - when "spiritual endangerment" of a fellow believer is at stake.

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