Spiritual Weakness Detected

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  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    As a result of attending my grandma's funeral, I saw some of the "old friends" from my home congregation where I grew up. I saw only one JW at the funeral, but others sent email/text as to why they couldn't attend (spiritual activities). This sister who attended, is considered spiritually weak (her comments are read directly from the watchtower, puts in a couple hours a month, has an unbeleiving mate but both are happy, never pioneers, doesn't show up for FS because the CO is in town ect...), but she made the effort to come by and be with my family during our time of mourning.

    With the brief encounter I had with some of the other JW's, they were all wondering if I'd come back to the Khall to help and 'build' up the congregation. They said they were so happy to see me visit and want me to serve as an MS again.

    Each time they communicate with me, they're always asking if I still love my job, why did you choose a job that entails travelling ect...the whole guilt trip I guess? Their is one family that stands out as being unduly critical of me...they only email me to find out if I go to CA/DA...she sent me a message yesturday stating how her 3 day convention was the best ever and how did I enjoy mine...I told them that I had a death in the family and haven't heard back from them since....this family has their radar up to try and call me out...since I chose a job that requires me to be away, they've minimized communication with me, except to find out about CA/DA and the name of my CO ect...

    I really don't give a care in the world...it just shows how hypocritical some of the JW's are and just want to look good in the eyes of the elders and the borg.

    Sorry for venting.


    Kool Jo

  • Splash

    A persons spirituality is measured by three things:

    1. The hours they spend in field service

    2. How much underlining they have in their study books/mags

    3. How loud they sing at the Hall

    All of these things are public and measurable.


  • Finkelstein

    JWs are instructed to associate with only other JWS, people outside (worldly) are not really that important.

    I've known certain JWS who didn't even attend their own family member's funereal

    (father, mother, brother, sister) because it was held in a church.

  • ABibleStudent

    Keep on venting Kool Jo. It is better to vent on JWN than to JWs, because JWs might not like what you feel and think.

    I'm also sorry for your loss of your grandmother.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • WTWizard

    The witlesses are kept from true spirituality, which is measured in their ability to control energy. Can they control such a little thing as the weather?

    In fact, most of them dog their spirituality. When I was one of them, I used to hear stories about poverty being a virtue. Just about everything that stops a human from developing is extolled. Once, some idiot spoke from the platform that to have plenty of both time and money is the worst tribulation a xian could have. Sex is regulated strictly. Fun is limited, often anything fun being taboo. Birthdays? Just because two idiots in the LIE-ble had their heads cut off on account of one? Not eating cupcakes in school because of a birthday party? You can't play Pokemon? Music limited to the most blah crap out there? To me, this is going in the opposite direction.

    True spirituality is so much more than studying the LIE-ble, which is meant to stifle it. There is a combination of sensing and manipulating energy to do what we want, indulgence, and enjoying life. Yet, the witlesses are banned from anything to actively manipulate energy. Even something unintentional is bashed. Such as when I got a fair amount of money from a dormant account and splurged a portion of it instead of throwing it away, they had a cow even though I got a better job soon after than what I had.

    I don't know about them, but I find it more fun honoring a birthday or holiday, figuring out how to spend money so I get the most fun and value out of it (while still preparing for the day it loses its value), and researching manipulation of energy than sitting through a boasting session or pious-sneering. Besides, it can do more good. That quality lantern I give someone for Christmas might just set the chain of energy off that lands them a better job. Try that with pious-sneering.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Some JWs really look for any bit of fresh gossip they can bring to the KH rumor mill. It brings excitement to their otherwise boring and meaningless lives.

    And you might be used by some for self-aggrandizing "at least I'm doing better than Kool Jo" remarks.

    How does the old saying go? Something like, "great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." However the saying goes, most JWs easily fall into the "small minds" category.

  • LostGeneration

    Being happy outside of the cult is one way to get the gears grinding in their heads. Keep on telling them oh how happy you are in your career, how much you love it, and how you wouldn't change a thing.

    Happiness and fullfilment outside of JW cult= Does not compute in brainwashed JW mind

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