Highlights from the book of Jeremiah. SLAVE LABOR!

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    Chapter Twelve "Was Not That a Case of Knowing Me?"

    KING JEHOIAKIM was building a house, and it was to be grand. Plans called for spacious rooms on at least two stories. Large windows would allow sunshine to pour through as well as a constant flow of fresh air to keep the king and his family comfortable. The walls were to be paneled in aromatic cedar from Lebanon. Vermilion, an imported paint, would give the interior the rich red finish that was much-sought-after by the high and mighty of other lands.-Jer. 22:13, 14.2 The cost of the project was considerable.

    About that time, the nation's defense and the demands from Egypt ( Egypt, symbolic of dependency on human rule, and a poor spiritual state) for tribute had apparently depleted the treasury. (2 Ki. 23:33-35) But Jehoiakim found a way to pay for his new palace.....

    He held back the wages of the construction workers! Jehoiakim treated them like slaves, using their sweat and toil as a contribution toward his monarchy.

  • mP

    yes the bible is a vile book, because we are supposed to cry, work and die for arseholes like jesus, jehoakim and david. They are not examples of goodness but despots who wnat everything for themselves.

  • Bobcat

    Linked to other Jeremiah threads here.

    The thought of holding back wages had occurred to me also.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I've heard it said way too many times: 'The WTBTS has a tendency of shooting itself in the foot.'

    This week's Jeremiah book study lesson (chapt 12 pg 140 par 1 & 2) on 'slave labor' and 'holding back wages' is another example of: What was the writer of this article thinking?

  • Bobcat

    Actually, the Society is rather bald-faced about using others as slaves:

    *** w08 1/15 p. 26 par. 6 Counted Worthy to Be Guided to Fountains of Waters of Life ***

    6 The willing support given to anointed Christians by their companions of the other sheep was foretold by the prophet Isaiah. He wrote: “This is what Jehovah has said: ‘The unpaid laborers of Egypt and the merchants of Ethiopia and the Sabeans, tall men, will themselves come over even to you, and yours they will become. Behind you they will walk.’” (Isa. 45:14) In a symbolic way, Christians with an earthly hope today walk behind the anointed slave class and its Governing Body, following their leadership. As “unpaid laborers,” the other sheep willingly and wholeheartedly expend their strength and their resources in support of the worldwide preaching work that Christ assigned to his anointed followers on earth.—Acts 1:8; Rev. 12:17.

    But they mis-apply this text from Isaiah. (Is that a surprise?) See my second post on this thread.

  • Bob_NC

    In my best Fred Franz impersonation voice..

    "What parallels do we see with the building programs of the modern-day Jehoiakim class? Why, we find that the anointed remant today are also embarked in a building program of grand scale. Skilled workers are busy in upstate New York constructing similar spacious rooms, of two stories or more, with large windows to allow sunshine and fresh air pour in. These Bethels, or houses of God, will be used in support of the grand, never to be repeated, preaching activity now being carried out by the Jehoiakim class and their worker-class associates. What a privilege for the worker-class as they give willing of themselves in support of Jehovah's duly appointed Jehoiakim class!"

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