"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."

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  • oppostate

    I still attend meetings to make things easier at home with my wife.

    Don't tell me to grow a pair, that's part of keeping the pair happy.

    But anyway... Last meeting one of the Minion Servants comes up

    and says that he wants very much to go in service together this

    Summer. Never mind the heat wave we've been having in New

    England, he wants to do some door to door "like in the old days".

    I haven't gone door to door in a couple of years nor have I turned

    a service time slip for the same amount of time although I have

    gone on some calls in service to keep up appearences, and end

    up giving a witness about Jesus Christ and the meaning of his

    "commands" for us today... Ok, so I said "fine" yeah, I'll go with

    you on a Saturday when the heat wave gets over . You should

    have seen his face light up, must have made his day. (If he can

    be seen with me in service he's going to earn a few browny

    points with the elders, I'm sure.)

    But... getting back to why I'm writing this topic... the quote that

    serves as the title of this here mini-rant about being cornered to

    go in "field service" is by none other than Charles Darwin. YUP!

    Although I still believe in creation, I'm leaning towards the fact

    that God may have used and is continuing to use evolution to

    make life and to populate this earth with wonderful examples

    of well adapted organisms that can thrive in this Marvel of a

    Blue Marble. After opening my eyes to TTATT I'm more aware

    than ever of the waste of time JWs make for the benefit and

    praise of a Publishing House and Real Estate Holdings company

    posing as a religion... Oh, the waste of precious hours of life!

    "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -- by Charles Darwin.
  • Terry

    Unboil the frog!

  • zeb

    Time wasted is one of the reasons for my fade. Nothing is ever said at any kh or wt conv that could not be said in far less words. In my mind i am screaming "get to the bloody point!"

    Sub teens have a concentration span of apx 15 minutes--max. For many adults whose lives have been on autopilot for years it is likely the same but according to the wts its OSFA One size fits All.

    I began to notice the number of working adults who were checking watches as brother Droneson kept going. "Ah we have a few more minutes.." No you dont. The mark of a good speaker is to finish under time. But I am aware that a new elder coming to us who would move quickly throught the wt was 'spoken too' by the radicals for not using up the 'allocated time.'

    But then this thinking comes from them who live in monasteries (bethels) and who have no kids to do.

    rant over.

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