Savage Dog attack JW victim is back to House to House Preaching

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  • Scott77
  • truthhurts13

    Was that dog doing anything besides protecting its owner from a cult member spewing her false religious propaganda to the public on someones private property?

    Poor dog, they should all be charged with animal cruelty. Too bad it didn't have enough time to finish the job. Maybe the dog was really the one doing the "Lords Work"

    This story makes me wanna go get a pitbull

  • Chaserious

    Was that dog doing anything besides protecting its owner from a cult member spewing her false religious propaganda to the public on someones private property... Too bad it didn't have enough time to finish the job.

    What an absolutely awful and insensitve comment. I'm sure the dog was able to determine the beliefs of the people coming up the path and judge the correctness or falsity of the message. Any dog that attacks so viciously needs to be put down. Anyone who would want their dog to ever viciously attack someone who is not being physically threatening is beyond wrong, not to mention liable to a lawsuit and possibly criminal charges.

  • GLTirebiter
    an 80-pound pit bull burst through the front door of a house in the 200 block of N. Lewis Place and attacked her ministry companion and longtime friend, Irene Parker, 78... Wright grabbed a baseball bat from the dog's owner who was standing by screaming... The attack ended when a man working two blocks away heard the screams, grabbed a gun from his truck, distracted and shot the dog.

    That is sick! What kind of person lets their dog attack an old woman, then does not physically stop their dog, waiting so long that help could arrive from two blocks away?

  • zeb

    I wonder what support the older sister has received. Like any victim of violence she will face the memory of this for a long time yet.

  • abbasgreta

    I pioneered with the most insane fear of dogs ever. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs that I know, but in England, especially on the Council estates, the houses all have gates to the front, garden paths that felt like you were walking the plank, and open sides to the back garden. I used to mutter to myself "no courage without fear" over and over whilst literally falling apart. On bad days I just used to knock on the gate. Every door I approached I would stamp my feet and cough like I was dying, so that any lurking dog taking a pee in the back garden wouldn't suddenly appear with bared teeth. Posting the invites through the letter box involved a 12" ruler and the Bible Teach book. One sister pushed her fingers through the box along with an invite and ended up in A&E. At the meetings for field service I would freak out inwardly as the slips were passed out - I knew the really bad dog territory. Not one of the bros took my phobia seriously - one Elder used to "kindly" open the latch on the gate and push me through first. I used to get bad feelings about certain houses and would say, "sorry, I can't go to that house". Did NOT go down well, lack of trust in God he must have thought. In England, the Posties have just had to issue a warning about dangerous dogs. It is a REAL problem, but the owners of such dangerous dogs are the ones to blame, and they purposely let out the dogs to roam when the jws are on the street. So glad this torture is behind me. I realise the truth of "SOME being given as Evangelisers". Its a miracle I don't have an ulcer. I can say that if I had been attacked like that woman I would NEVER have gone house-to-house again and stuff the Elders.

  • Scott77

    Iam curious, who paid for thei medical expenses? The Watchtower or medicare?


  • Hortensia

    I was thinking about that poor woman just yesterday, wondering if she recovered. Tirebiter, the dog's owner was trying as hard as she could to stop the dog, hitting it with a bat. I don't know what triggered the attack, but if it comes to choosing between an old lady and a dog, I'd choose to save the old lady if I could.

    That said, I hope to hell that woman never goes in a yard with a dog again. I'm surprised she's even out preaching at all.

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