The Best of Times to be Alive - A Cure for Downs Syndrome may be close

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  • fulltimestudent

    Years ago, one of things that moved me away from Yahweh's mob intellectually (and, therefore from the position of denying myself) was a growing realisation that far from being the worst of times, I was fortunate enough to be living in the best of times. Why?

    An understanding of history, informs us that that the lives of ordinary people (80% + of the population) were usually rather miserable. In war, the capture of your city by an enemy could result in mass annihilation. And even for the elites, disease could kill you or your loved ones just as easily as it killed the lowest in the land.

    In contrast, in spite of wars etc we have seen an increasing prosperity and opportunities for personal choice in ways that previous generations could hardly imagine.

    But most of all, there is the increasing understanding of the physical body.

    Having known (during my JW decades) several women who struggled heroically with the care of Downs syndrome children I was cheered to read today that scientists feel they now have the ability to switch off the troublesome gene that causes the problem.

    If Yahweh exists, and has the power to foretell the future, why didn't he foretell this, instead of some of the miseries which are the keynotes of his claimed prophetic utterances?

    And the story on the cure for Downs Syndrome - you can read it at:

  • sir82

    Today hundreds of millions of people live for more luxurious, tranquil, and healthy lives than any human who ever lived 200 or more years in the past.

    Explain to me again, Watchtower, how we are living in "critical times"?

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