"Welcome" message wording on .com site

by JustMe2 2 Replies latest forum suggestions

  • JustMe2

    It's certainly true that the site is "friendly" and "informative". I'm concerned about the word "tolerant", however, because some posts can be very blunt and outspoken, and newcomers might not be expecting them to be that way. Perhaps it would be well to add something along the lines of "spirited" or "straightforward" discussion in the welcome message, so newbies won't be surprised and possibly turned off before they see all the site has to offer.

  • zeb

    like it.

  • Simon

    Thanks for the suggestions - there's such a range of opinions and attitudes that vary all the time it would be impossible to describe everything with 100% accuracy. The point of the 'tolerance' was related to religious belief and lifestyle as opposed to the WTS rather dogmatic and hardline system.

    I'm certainly open to updating things over time, maybe having a more detailed "about us" page to explain things in more detail.

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