Costs to householder of pubs placed door to door in 80's?

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  • feenx

    Hey everybody!

    I'm working on a project and trying to remember what the publications cost, to place / leave with a householder, back in the 80's, right before the switch to voluntary donations.

    Does anyone remember, or have a reference they can provide?

    I remember the books (obviously) cost more than the magazines. And having the whole spiel about how the money went straight to and was only for printing costs of the magazines, or whatever. Etc. etc.

    (boy after they switched that people freaked because suddenly they had the last half of their 30 second presentation to fill with actual content, instead of explaining about the money).

    What do you guys remember?

  • sir82

    The last price I remember for magazines was 25 cents each.

    I think the price on the typical 192 page book was $1.50.

    I think a Bible was maybe $5.00? Deluxe $10 or $12?

    These are prices for the US.

    I wonder if the KMs on the CD-ROM would have the prices in their suggested presentations? I don't have mine here. You'd have to look at 1990 & earlier.

  • factfinder

    192 page books were $1.00

    Brochures were 30 cents.

    Regular NWT was $4.00

    Larger books were $3.00

    Deluxe Bibles were $7.00

    Inight On The Scriptures was $14 per set when it first came out in 1988, but the price dropped later to $12 or $10 I think.

    These were the prices before the Donation arrangement began.

    If you check the kms on the Watchtower Library cd-rom you will be able to find all of the price changes in the Announcements sections.

  • Bangalore

    *** km 1/88 p. 7 Announcements ***

    • Literature offer for January and February: Any two of the older pocket-size books the congregation has in stock for a contribution of $1.00. May include Choosing, Commentary on James, “Eternal Purpose,” Evolution (old edition), Good News, Holy Spirit, Peace and Security (old edition), This Life, Truth, and World Government. (Congregations may request credit for books obtained by publishers and pioneers for the January and February offer. During this campaign only, the rate for regular and special pioneers for the pocket-size books is 30¢. For congregation publishers and auxiliary pioneers, the rate is 50¢ each.) March: Life—How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation? for a contribution of $2.50. Small-size books are $1.25. April: Watchtower subscription.


  • Bangalore

    *** km 2/87 p. 7 Announcements ***

    • Literature offer for February: Any of the following 192-page books for a contribution of 50¢: Choosing, Commentary on James, “Eternal Purpose,” Evolution (old edition), Good News, Holy Spirit, Life Does Have a Purpose, Peace and Security (old edition), This Life, Truth, and World Government. Supplies of Choosing, Commentary on James, Holy Spirit, and Truth may be ordered from the Society. Congregations may request credit for all books obtained by publishers and pioneers. The pioneer rate for the pocket-size books for this campaign is 30¢ each for regular and special pioneers. March: You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth for a contribution of $2.50. Small-size edition is $1.25. April and May: Watchtower subscription for one year for a contribution of $4.00. If subscription is not taken, offer two magazines and a brochure for 70¢.


  • Bangalore

    *** km 1/80 p. 3 Announcements ***

    • The offer for January: Watchtower subscription for $2.50 with one of the following books as a free gift: Great Teacher, Holy Spirit, World Government, Man’s Salvation or Word of God. The secretary and those handling literature and accounts should check the October 1979 issue of Our Kingdom Service on how to request credit for free books given with subscriptions. February and March: Any of the 50-cent books in congregation stock except Choosing, Commentary on James, Family Life, Truth, or School Guidebook. During the month of March some publishers and pioneers may wish to offer From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained on a contribution of 75c. A supply of this book may be ordered from Brooklyn. We suggest you order according to what you feel the congregation will be able to place during March. April: Watchtower subscription for $2.50 with three booklets given free to new subscribers.


  • carla

    Back in the 80's (pre jw days in our house)they asked for a 1.00 for a typical rag (awake or wt)books were small and wanted a few bucks for them. Not sure what the books were, I was busy trying to get rid of them (the jw's).

  • feenx

    Fantastic, thank you everybody!! That's exactly what I needed :)

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