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  • inbetween

    with the study of the new teaching of July 15th WT, which will be done in septmember 2013 in sight, i try to collect all kind of objections from here and other sites, in order to have enough ammunition for discussions ready.

    Wih this in mind, I found an additional problemwith this new teaching.

    Since before 1918/19 there was no FDS, ergo no channel of truth, ergo no true worship, and Russel and his fellows just some "normal" folks, what about all those, who were baptized prior to 1918 ? Like Freddie Franz, Rutherford etc, there baptism was therefore not valid, just like JW view baptisms of former catholics, protestants etc not valid and baptize them again.

    Ho can they be annointed, when they were not properly dunked ? Just show, with their new teaching, the FDS cut the very branch they are sitting on.


    Great point! They are claiming that CTR and the Bible Students were like a " John the Baptist " class. The Bible teaches no such thing. There are very few types and anti-types in the bible. The rest are wishful thinking by humans trying to justify a pre-conceived notion.

    Also, where did CTR, a non-JW, non-FDS get his information? Who taught him? Who were his friends and family that studied the Bible independently with the help of a concordance and re-discovered lost truths?! Who taught CTR, Barbour, Miller, John Aquilla Brown, the Anabaptists, Sir Isaac newton, Tyndale, Wycliff, ect... All these JW Bible heroes were merely men and women, domestics at best, harldly qualified to dispense food at the proper time. Any JW teaching based on the works of ANY non-FDS should be considered suspect.

  • DeWandelaar

    What is interesting is that at the district convention they already put in the new teaching without most people noticing! In the apostate bashing talk on saturday they also state that the GB is the Faithfull Slave...

  • pixel

    They are claiming that CTR and the Bible Students were like a " John the Baptist " class.

    Right! And the GB is The Christ, the sons of God. Sure...

    Remember also, the new FDS teaching is an "idea" that the GB LOVES...

  • Emery

    This old post of mine evolved into a critical look at the new teaching as it was revealed.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Looking back because of this thread. Quite a few years the emphasis was on respecting Jehovah's representatives, and the Korah vs Moses was the big illustration for months. Before that the constant pounding was loyalty to Jehovah. Before that what i heard was that I represented Jehovah so I should live everyday with that in mind, so as not to bring reproach on Jehovah.

    But then they went from Watch Out That You're Not Buried Alive Like Korah For Disrespecting Jehovah's Representatives, Including the Elders, to emphasizing the faithful and discreet slave is who you are answering to, INSTEAD of Jehovah.

    But i never really noticed until now, which is why i am spending so much time on this excellent website.

    I was in a glazed over daze, in shock from realizing that thirty years of supporting a religion were rendered meaningless when two people decided to destroy my reputation. All they had to do was tell lies about me and my family in the congregation and facebook, and POOF, every single "friend" believed them and have not spoken to me since.

    It was my awakening and I'm grateful. I've seen a comment similar recently, that many do not awake until they are personally treated badly. I freely admit I was one of those selfish zombies.

  • Ding

    Welcome, Iown!

    It does come as quick a shock when you realize that the "spiritual paradise" is an illusion and that the religion is all about serving the GB.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Thanks, Ding!

    I said "selfish zombie" because for years i was aware of situations where people were treated unfairly and talked about and picked on and I ignored it all. There were so many red flags that i just totally ignored, that were enough to prove the whole mess could not be God's Organization on Earth! But it wasn't until i was attacked myself, did i pay attention.


    " Remember also, the new FDS teaching is an "idea" that the GB LOVES... "

    Well, it must be true!!

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