Watchtower's fortune without any audit and given account

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  • Gorbatchov

    The society has hit the jackpot with selling most of it's property in Brooklyn, and some other prominent buildings outside the US.

    So, they got an estimated $ 700 million dollar income and getting even more when they sell 124 Columbia Heights etc.

    In total they will have then some $1 billion dollar on their bank and investment funds.

    In the past questions about audit and giving account by the society about their finance, were answered "The brothers trust each other".

    But now, the society has become a mayor financial player, this answer about trust is not enough anymore.

    I asked my father about this and he told me "The money get a tag "World Wide Work and will be used only for good things, don't worry, trust them".

    I told him that I don't trust them, because they act like a financial institute. He told me "We are getting big, it's all part of fore told the publishing work".

    So, speaking with JW family and friends is allways a dead end... :(

  • Oubliette

    Why does God need money?

  • Quendi

    Your father’s answer to your question, Gorbatchov, was as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise. That is exactly what the WTS is counting on. Just look at how money matters are handled at larger Witness gatherings when donations are being solicited. The rank-and-file are never told what the expenses for putting on the meetings actually are. Instead a “total cost” figure might be given with the news that at the time of the announcement a deficit has appeared. That announcement is meant to prompt more donations from the Witnesses present.

    So we can expect something similar with these property sales. No accounting will be given. Witnesses won’t be told how much money the WTS raked in or how it will be spent. The men in charge are counting on the inertia of the ‘trust the brothers’ sentiment to stifle any inquiries. Sadly, they are counting rightly.


  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Well, Gorbatchov, as you once said when president of Russia, "trust but verify".

    In JW Land, they can't seem to move past "trust". The other 2/3 of that sentence are not within the rights of the rank-and-file

  • TotallyADD

    Where does all the money go? Is someone getting to play with all that money? Is there some chosen ones who get to live in the lap of luxury? What do you do with all that money? Just save it? For what? I has to being used for something. Not just law suits and maz. Question I just don't know how to answer. Totally ADD

  • bigmac

    maybe the money is needed to pay for armageddon. wont be cheap-----

  • prologos

    They have no money, it all belongs to Jehovah and

    since "he" will not forget all the things you did and

    WT and the congregations have all the records, publisher record cards ,

    It will be all divvid up acoording to hours spend in the FS, Bethel, Build service.

    Why do you think we keep records.?.

    But then there is the question of PAY SCALE. Glorious Ones First.

    it used to be 30 c/h for specials.

  • EdenOne

    I don't think it will be spent ... besides the consolidation and the building of the new HQ in Warwick, basically I think they will allocate the money to investment funds and sit on it. I presume they expect a shortage in donations to follow suit soon, and they think it's better to be prepared.


  • factfinder


    I agree with you. I think they will hold onto the money for fuiture needs.

  • sd-7
    Where does all the money go? Is someone getting to play with all that money?

    Like I said, I'm good with calculation.


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