Conrad Montreith?

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  • mouthy

    On Glee passing very sad MONTEITH My error

  • whathappened

    Yes, Granny Grace, Corey Monteith was very talented not too mention very cute. I wonder about his longtime girlfriend Lea Michelle. I would bet she is heartbroken.

  • mouthy

    I dont watch Glee.So I know nothing about him.
    But It was so upsetting to the man that was praying at the Baptist Church
    I was listening to on Radio... He started crying about usher. So I had to get
    on Google to see why he was crying. I am nosy as well as Mouthy

  • TotallyADD

    Sorry to hear a young man of 31 died. That is the same age our youngest child is. I did not know him or who he was. Never watch Glee or even know what it is about. The news did say he had trouble with addiction to drugs or something like that and he was fighting it. Upsetting indeed to see a young life come to a sudden end. Hopefully those who was close to him will get comfort in the fact he was a good person and try to clean up his problem. Maybe that will help them to help others with the same problem. Thanks for bringing this up. Totally ADD

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