Awesome video on the facts of the Zimmerman trial

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  • bohm

    (does anyone else think the guy talk like Steven Pinker?)

  • Simon

    Great video - this is the sort of thing the media should have been showing, not Crump soundbites. Proper analysis and factual descriptions, not 5 year old propaganda pictures of 12 year old and emotive sob-stories.

  • bohm

    Simon: I agree, the video could be condensed to 10 minutes and it would be better than anything in the media. Why is that so hard to do?

    I just read the wikipedia entry on the trial; I wish the people who think the trial was rigged would take their favorite argument and simply find what they refer to in the wikipedia article, like for instance the 911 operator who say very clearly under oath she was not instructing Zimmerman to stay in the car and other things she said could be interpreted as asking him to go out.

  • DJS

    Thank you for the links. I wish that all discussions and debates on this forum would rely on the facts and the appropriate consideration of the facts rather than emotion. I'm still not completely ok with the verdict; although I understand it, my sense of justice isn't satiated by it. Thanks again.

  • jamiebowers

    Marked for later.

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